Best Buy Cyber Monday video game deals

XMNR: Black Friday deals aren't limited to Friday anymore so why should Cyber Monday deals be limited to Monday? That appears to be Best Buy's thinking as they are running an online sale on Sunday and Monday that includes games for the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

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DRUDOG2733d ago

Amazon has had those prices on the console games for days. Nothing too special here.

CombineElite2733d ago

On a sign outside Best Buy.
"Trade in Call of Duty Black Ops for 20% off Call of Duty Black Ops".

Sorry I busted my camera phone that had the picture of this but i thought it was funny.

goflyakite2733d ago

$35 for new games, damn I wish this was in Canada..

Neo Nugget2733d ago

Buy and 2 games and get a $10 gift card. WOAH THERE let me get my credit card out.

artsaber2732d ago

Amazon had the absolute best Black Friday deals period. Games were the same lowest price that places like Walmart and target had ex. God of War Collection for $10, and you didn't have to wait in the rain or cold for hours, dealing with crazed shoppers. EVERY game I looked to buy in Walmart on Black Friday, Amazon had it for the exact same price, better yet, Amazon had a larger selection of newer games on discount. The cyber monday deals seem to be similar, but games seem to be like $5 more than they were on Black Friday. Still some decent deals though.