Box art and screens revealed for Dodonpachi Resurrection Black Label on Xbox 360

Cave has released the official box art in addition to some new gameplay screens for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive game, Dodonpachi Resurrection Black Label.

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256bit2761d ago

360 users dont buy JP games.

dgroundwater2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Which is why it probably won't release in NA. Though the 360 does have a dedicated base in Japan for plenty of niche titles. These games don't come out for nothing. The 360 is full of them.

256bit2761d ago

...not as much as the ps3 :D

Neckbear2761d ago


Actually, the core fanbase of these titles is on the 360. Keep in mind, the 360 is the hardcore neckbeard ronery otaku's main console.

Cheap port production costs, and a dedicated fanbase are the reasons why there's so many shmups on the 360 (as well as other japanese niche games), as dgroundwater said.

And hey, dgroundwater, there's always a possibility we'll se a NA release. Perhaps as an XBLA game, or just a full release like DeathSmiles, Aksys could do it again.

gamer20102761d ago

I buy them. I loved Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and many others.

Ahasverus2761d ago

Lost Odyssey is the shit. est RPG this gen for sure.

NecrumSlavery2761d ago

The games aren't niche games, they are good high value titles.

360 has tons of interesting otaku games in jp but they usually sell between 1-30k max.

I hope the multiplat cathorine gets a western release. That's a nivh title I'm both dying to & scared to dive into.

killer_tornado2761d ago


Lol ps3 has nothing n i say again, NOTHING that even comes close to Lost Odyssey.. Lost Odyssey is the best JRPG on consoles this GEN..

nuff said

Newtype2761d ago

If this was on PS3, US can play them. No region lock.

baodeus2761d ago

not exactly. There are actually a list of games (release in Japan for 2360) that aren't region lock though. I forgot where that is, but a quic Google would help. Try it if you guys like those games.