Gameroni: Five Most Useless Perks in Fallout 3

Jonathan Stark writes: "Terrible perks that can cause you to build a terrible character are far more annoying. Here’s the top five worst perks in the game. Avoid these like the plague and beware... there are at least five more perks right behind these.

No, the perks were not one of Fallout 3’s selling points."

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Gambit072765d ago

yea about the same ones

HarryMonogenis2765d ago

I would of thought that the website would of made a list for New Vegas, seeing as it was released recently as opposed to a 2 year old game. :S

sp1deynut2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

LOL...I know, it's stupid, right?

I made a similar comment on a story a couple weeks ago, when a guy posted his review of Alan Wake from his website. He saw my comment, and attempted to defend his much-too-belated entry by telling me he "just started his website". I guess we should just be happy he didn't start off by reviewing Super Nintendo or PS1 games, eh?

EDIT: Wow...what kind of morons disagreed with my comment??? Nevermind...I forgot how some childish fanboys track certain posters, and "disagree" and debubble every post of people they "don't like". So pathetic.

Incipio2765d ago

Go back to 2008, write this article, then come back to 2010.

mobijoker2765d ago

Good list.Man,on my first playthrough i took swift learner and cannibal and i hated them.

goukijones2765d ago

Who is playing Fallout 3 right now? Swift learner though is pointless as is Here and Now. Leveling up in the Fallouts is half of the fun and when I'm not leveling up anymore I'm usually not having that much fun.

ico922765d ago

im still playing Fallout 3 its an amazing game better than new vegas imo less buggier as well

SockMaster2765d ago

Bought fallout 3 GOTY edition because i cant be bothered to pay £40 then another £40 for DLC, its a awesome game!

sp1deynut2765d ago

...they could have posted a video on how to do a speed run in Super Mario Bros. :o

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