Impressions of the NYC Playstation Lounge

Since the Playstation Lounge opened up on November 9th, 2010 I've been meaning to get over to the Midtown East to go check this thing out.

I had a very slow post-Thanksgiving schedule so I decided to raid the Lounge and see what it was about.
So when I arrived at the Sony Building at 550 Madison Ave, I was greeted promptly when I entered the Sony Style store on the ground floor...

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stephmhishot2669d ago

Went there the second day it was open (missed the raffles/festivities of day one), but I thought it was a pretty sweet setup. Unfortunately, it was pretty empty (granted I was there about an hour before closing), but really MS and Sony have no chance to draw the crowds that Apple stores do. I was just happy to get a chance to try out some games like GT5, KZ3 and The Fight/

neowelchsevilism2669d ago

I had the chance to go on day 1. But an emergency came up and I had to leave. that sucked. I didnt know about the raffle. As for Sony and MS vs. Apple. yeah there is no competition there, but... thats like comparing apples with oranges. (pardon the pun)