Are We Ready For Catherine and Real Life?

Fact is, the second that a game showcases a semblance of sexuality, it’s like being back in kindergarten and discovering cooties. But can we see past that?

Most people will look at a trailer of Catherine and come to the same conclusion: it’s “the sex game.” And, sure, it is…but that’s not all it is.

The issue with Atlus’ choice to focus on the sex of the game instead of the Things That Actually Matter is that a good deal of players may feel too uncomfortable in giving Catherine a chance. The idea of playing a game where sexting is a mechanic, for example, may seem too “sleazy” to take seriously, despite it being a real, everyday practice. But if players are sometimes too embarrassed to play “kiddie games” because of what it might reflect on them, how will people feel about playing a “sex simulator”?

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Neckbear2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

And I completly share the author's feelings.

It's just as he wrote, "I just hope that people who look at Catherine give it a chance. That’s all. A game that aims to look at sexuality in a meaningful way and isn’t afraid to make you a normal guy to do it, is a game worth paying attention to."

NecrumSlavery2790d ago

This looks really original, even more so than Heavy Rain/Indigo is. Let's see who will support originality like this.

Dirty J2790d ago

I'm def gonna buy this, i mean this are from the guys who made Persona 3 and 4 :)

Game-ur2789d ago

Persona 5 is going to look as great as this game.

Vesemir2790d ago

I feel very comfortable with the theme. Bring it on.
I'll give it a go.

FantasyStar2790d ago

I guess we'll find out if Atlus can take sexuality to a mature level. But know that the world is against the Japanese. Anybody here who's visited Sankaku Complex know that japanese have a pretty effed up perception of the idea of sexuality. And to all you naysayers: this is THE WORLD that's frowning down on the japanese when it comes to sexuality. Queen's Blade anybody? Or some Saki Mahjong? I can seriously populate this list.

Right now, I like how Heavy Rain does it, but I am open to improvements. If I'm proved wrong, yay! If Im' right, oh well, it's Japan, so whatever.


Lavalamp2790d ago

It's not the "world" that's doing the frowning, it's the "west". And they are not "effed up" in how they portray sexuality. Their culture is completely different from yours and much more expressive about sex. There's nothing wrong with their established norms, it's just a culture clash.

FantasyStar2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

I feel that Japanese wore out their "culture clash" excuse when my Navy friend in Okinawa uploaded pictures of what is definitely a vending machine for used-underwear. I'm all about tolerance, but the stereotype that Japanese people(especially men) are horny didn't happen overnight. The expressiveness of sex is depicted in the ways sex is expressed, and not just Rule 34'ing every damn thing possible. I'm fine with the fact that Japanese people have their own fashion styles such as lolicon, and yankee, but I don't like it when those elements are stuffed into every single game possible: even when it's not appropriate. A game I will applaud for going above and beyond the sex-appeal is NIER. At first I thought Kaine was just the usual eye-candy, woman-caring that I see in every other RPG out there, but I'm glad that I was proven wrong.

But you see what I mean now? It's just Rule 34 that ruins an otherwise, perfectly logical game. Did a game like Vanquish need any female characters in bikini, schoolgirl, loli, etc. outfits at any point with a dash of school comedy and beach scene? No, and I'm glad for it.

But for the games that do promote that thing sensibly, bring it on. I'll expect that much from Catherine and I wouldn't be bothered by it. But I hope there's more flare than that. I've had my fill of dating sims to last a lifetime.

Lavalamp2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Again, you're just letting your western values rule your judgement. So there are underwear vending machines in Japan. Who are you to tell them that's wrong? Heck, I've stumbled across a fair share of them during my trips to the UK.

The stereoype that Japanese men are horny is a western belief that stems from the notion that Japanse men are regarded as the dominant sex. Even Japanese women have no problem with their place in sexual relationships. Heck, prostitution is viewed in a completely different way in Japan. Unlike the overwhelming majority of their counterparts in countries where Anglo-Saxon culture is dominant, Japanese feminists do not necessarily see prostitution as evil or degrading in itself.

Sure, sexuality is prevelant in many Japanese video games. However, it's regarded as acceptable content in their culture like gratuitous violence is in the west. It's a cultural difference you're just going to have to deal with.

In Nier, it's obvious that Kaine was designed that way for a reason other than "eye-candy". She shares a mind with a male demon, she has a tendency to spew out words unbecoming of a woman, and she attacks with enough ferocity to make even the muscle-brawn protagonist do a double-take. Giving her scantily clad clothes is an obvious contrast to all of her boyish idiosyncrasies and is used to clearly project that both sexes are present within her. Plus, it makes for great character interactivity between her and Weiss.

Edit: And for the record, Sankaku Complex is run by a bunch of westerners.

jc485732789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

^^This my friend is the very reason I game because there's a reason for every design. We need to educate each other so that we can respect each other.

Triella2789d ago

I concur with Lavalamp in the west we have been hindered by hundreds of years of christian morality where sex is seen as something shameful that should only be used to procreate. In Japan they don't have this on the contrary, the shinto religion, which is an animist religion very tied to nature, has always exhaled sexuality as being a life source that has to be celecrated. You have to see the various "Honen-sai" (Penis festivals) in Japan where all-age people celebrate fertility by bringing phalluses to temples and eating phallic shaped candies/food.

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Neckbear2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

It IS Japan, however, just looking at the game, I really doubt it'll be [insert generic anime fanservice here]. Don't get me wrong, fanservice itself doesn't bothers me at all, I'm just expecting Catherine gets the whole "mature relationships and sexuality" concept right.

In fact, it SHOULD get it right. The game revolves around said relationships, as well as the mental state of the main character, after all.

n to the b2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

@FantasyStar: effed up to YOU. matter of taste, isn't it?

a lot of japanime pokes fun at a 'japanese obsession with sexuality'. IMO that kind of self-deprecation actually indicates a level of maturity in a way (laughing a little at oneself seems to be more than some n4g goers can handle at any rate).

guzman2789d ago

FantasyStar: Keep your racist stereotyping and ethnocentrism to yourself.

FantasyStar2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Sorry for offending you. Jeez, didn't mean to hurt people's feelings.

And for the rest of you, I'm technically not "western". I'll leave it at that. Thanks to the rest for a mature discussion. I still feel the way I do, but I'm not the type to preach that everywhere the subject presents itself. Like I said, I'm very tolerant of other people's culture but I'm still entitled to an opinion.

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jc485732789d ago

I understand the feeling, but it's just one of those practices you have to face "every time."

SuicidalTendencies2789d ago

So this game plays like Heavy Rain or something? Think I'll pass. Not my cup of tea.

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