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Microsoft Xbox more popular than PlayStation 3

PCW: Microsoft's Xbox 360 is more popular than Sony's Playstation 3 or Nintendo's Wii, according to new research. 43 percent of all online games console searches are for the Xbox 360, while Sony's Playstation 3 is lagging behind with 31 percent of all searches. Nintendo Wii is the least popular games console, accounting for just 16 percent of all searches relating to consoles.

The Xbox's popularity may steam from the Kinect, which was launched earlier this month. (Industry, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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deadreckoning666  +   1776d ago
Never heard of MyVoucherCodes in my life.

@PS3ROCKS- Ud spend $200 on a doorholder? ...AHAHAHAHAHA

EDIT: Oh I see...good use of recycling then :)
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Joule  +   1776d ago
Get an avatar
LordMarius  +   1776d ago
it really is annoying, that default avatar get on my nerves
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1776d ago
This story was reported 17 times and it's still up here. lol
Nihilism  +   1776d ago
Cabbage Patch dolls are also more popular then Baby Born dolls...

Not sure why anyone cares which plastic lunch box is the most popular.

I mean I know I would be totally stoked if my favourite pass time was on the Toys 'R' Us best seller list.....


@El Jugador

He's getting his post-modern on, the avatar he uploaded was identical to the avatar-less background.

Very sneaky and clever, kudos to him.
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King-Leonidas   1776d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Turkish   1776d ago | Spam
MNicholas  +   1776d ago
The 360 has always had the most online searches yet it's been outsold 4 years in a row by both the PS3 and the Wii.
SCThor  +   1776d ago
but they didn't say, that 43% is about "How to fix RROD on XBOX360".....indeed popular
PostApocalyptic  +   1776d ago
Search number speculation...

The gist of the article is that Move and Kinect have spurred searches for both. But there's a problem with the Kinect. The casual soccer moms and professional dads will buy it ($150 or $300 bundle) and later experience buyers remorse. It's already happened in my office.

"Minority Report" promises look great in hype. But when you actually take it home and play with it. At most a gimmick more than anything else. At the very least not worth $150.

Sony never promised that the Move was anything more than a more powerful version of the Wii Plus. It is: More accurate, 720p/1080p, and more powerful. That's it.
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ico92  +   1776d ago
PC's are more popular than Mac's does that mean PC's are better ?
navysealrb  +   1775d ago
haha def.
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Arup02  +   1776d ago
Nice pic
Tony-A  +   1776d ago
Now the questions circulate:

Should we follow this, or the reports that mentioned PlayStation as being the "most followed" brand in the world (as well as the PS symbol being the most recognizable in the world)?

EDIT: Nevermind, this is only based on searches from just that site, not around the web.
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karl  +   1776d ago
besides.. its probably people looking for news about 2011 xbox exclusives...

google is going to crash if they keep at it..
insomnium2  +   1776d ago
OMG I almost pissed my pants cause of you. LOL!
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Malicious  +   1776d ago
So the 360 is the Justin Bieber of video game consoles.
BlackBusterCritic  +   1776d ago | Funny
Exactly. Especially when its fanbase seems to adore AUTO TUNE. =)
No FanS Land  +   1776d ago
spot on! +bubbles

So this would make the PS3 either the NIN or TOOL of the video game consoles (relying on diverse composition techniques and not tried and tested sounds :D)
j4gs14  +   1776d ago
Haha bubbles! Well said
Pehdahosman  +   1776d ago
Someones forgetting the wii,another weird thing is that You guys didn't make those kind of jokes when Sony WAS winning.
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Octo1  +   1776d ago
Mean while in Japan and Europe...
airforcex  +   1776d ago
Meanwhile in Japan the Wii is number one by far...
Meanwhile in Japan the Wii is number one by far...American systems don't sell in Japan. Europe Wii is number one, Sony and MS are tied.
Rumor  +   1776d ago
well wii is number one in america too :/ the despute is between xbox and ps3, no one stated anything about the wii.
PostApocalyptic  +   1776d ago
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Moentjers  +   1776d ago
...Asia...Middle East...South America...
TheGuardianFID  +   1776d ago
Microsoft Xbox more popular,
and yet I still don't want one, imagine that!!! 8P
kaelix  +   1776d ago
43% of those searching up 360 are searching up either
1. Fixes for their broken system
2. How to mod their system
RevXM  +   1776d ago
Yeah lol.

The rest then?
TPB links to games?
Moentjers  +   1776d ago
"How to upgrade from 360 to PS3"

oh, we can imagine a lot of those...
visualb  +   1776d ago
not 43%...but i'm sure a big percentage is to do with modding

PS3 jailbreak probably has quite a few more interested too, but its not half as popular as 360 modding
JonnyBigBoss  +   1776d ago
The title is missing "in America".

If you like games, then you like the PS3 more. Name a single game besides Gears of War 3 coming out next year that looks good on the 360. I can name 10 titles for the PS3 next year that look just as good or better than that 1 title.
DigitalRaptor  +   1776d ago
Pretty much. It baffles me why any person who calls themself a gamer would not want a PS3 going into 2011.
BYE  +   1776d ago
Random statistics of one voucher site in the UK make up for a big title, don't they? ;)
iliimaster  +   1776d ago
the xbox was built for and around online play and communication with friends the right way... almost as cell phones with a contactlist you can "call" any of ur friends or text them whenever you want... and on the ps3 side only text or the voice chat but who wants to exit a game just to talk? so much has to happen.... its insane that the xbox can fail so many people but still continue to sell and sell alot so far... because of peoples friends list is the reason they keeep buying all the consoles after it breaks....
DigitalRaptor  +   1776d ago
That's just weird. If I want to talk to my friends, there are so many other options out there without having to exit the game. I think people buying 360s this gen have paid the most out of any other person, without even considering their purchased games. And considering the PS3 was $600 at launch, that is quite something:

- Xbox Live for however many years you use it (which has just increased in price)
- Replacement consoles (I've heard some people have had over 10 replacements)
- Overpriced HDDs
- Overpriced wi-fi adapter
- and more.
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wicked  +   1776d ago
Replacements are free, you don't need to upgrade the hdd, as the games do not require installs like the ps3 and WiFi is an option, my xbox has WiFi but I still connect it with a cable. So its only live that you pay for, which is about $5 a month.
DigitalRaptor  +   1776d ago
Not all are free. You have to re-buy them at some point when it is out of warranty. That still adds up to several replacements, if the reports about RROD, E74 etc. are to be believed.

You don't need to buy HDD, but many people will realise that if they bought the Arcade, 20GB, or the new 4GB models, that they will probably end up having to upgrade due to downloads and installs etc.

Wi-fi is an option, but in reality a large portion of the Xbox 360 market have bought one because ethernet isn't good enough and they want to play anywhere in the house, not restricted to near the phone line port.

And be fair, Xbox Live was $50 and you perhaps could get it a little cheaper, but it's still what you're paying on top of the console cost (and your phone bill, and ISP) per year. And now it's risen by $10.

There's no point in trying to justify that you've personally paid less. I'm pointing out that it's pretty damn obvious that a large majority of Xbox 360 owners have paid for these things.
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beast242tru  +   1776d ago
yeah only in america buddy where all the teens get thier parents to buy for them and the same kids search on how 2 fix rrod, cd drive broken, modds. ps3 has the more mature crowd play games AAA quality have fun and live happy go to work and get laid
psycho360  +   1776d ago
Seems like it since the immature crowd is trolling N4G 24/7 in every MS or Xbox article. These guys dont even own a ps3 and yet defend it as it's the one who impreganated their mom.

"search on how 2 fix rrod, cd drive broken, modds. "

Are you talking about ps2? Cuz last time i remember ps2 had the biggest fail in history of consoles with cd lens / tray issue. Two of my ps2's developed it and had to throw one away. No wonder it reached 150 million as 50% were from replacements.

NOt to forget the games costing $1 could be found anywhere in the world due to the highest piracy after the PC.
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awesomeperson  +   1776d ago
Umm Physcho, did you just bring the PS2 into a troll attempt?
jackfack66  +   1776d ago
Wait before anyone reply; take the time to laugh and realize how not worth it is =]
MysticStrummer  +   1776d ago
If you really think that, it's time for your meds.
radphil  +   1776d ago
"Seems like it since the immature crowd is trolling N4G 24/7 in every MS or Xbox article."

*continues on*

"Are you talking about ps2? Cuz last time i remember ps2 had the biggest fail in history of consoles with cd lens / tray issue."

"NOt to forget the games costing $1 could be found anywhere in the world due to the highest piracy after the PC."

You have to love people being ironic in their same statement.
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All_4_One  +   1776d ago
"Nintendo Wii is the least popular games console, accounting for just 16 percent of all searches relating to consoles."

Hmmm, that just goes to show how relevant "searches" are.
chainer3000  +   1776d ago
N4G loves encouraging these troll/fanboy like posts.

This is simply fodder for online arguments. Get over it gentlemen and ladies, it's simply 300$ tech, not your nation or family or best friend.
HelghastDrake  +   1776d ago
In other news Hondas are more popular than Mercedes, windows based PCs are more popular than macs, Megamind is more popular than Goodfellas and wii sports is more popar than Demon's souls.

The point? People are clueless when it comes to quality products.
hmmmm  +   1776d ago
Are you saying that Hondas aren't quality? They are a very reliable car...

Can't argue with WII sports but Windows over MAC is entirely preference with neither having a giant advantage over the other.
radphil  +   1776d ago
Basically what he's saying is that search info =/= popularity.

People search up stuff for a lot of reasons, just because one pulls up more searches than the next does not equate out to the same level as being popular.

What the article is trying to do, is make it seem like everyone's hyped up for things that are already 4+ years old.
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radphil  +   1776d ago
I swear people just press disagree buttons without even reading comments anymore.
Dsnyder  +   1776d ago
Survey america and you will get this result; Survey the world and you get the opposite result. This is why you have to be careful with stats like this. They can be easily twisted into whatever the author wants.
Gamerfans  +   1776d ago
sorry to burst your little bubble but 150 million will never be broken and if it does it will be the ps3. Sony sticks by their products and gives them longevity. Look at the ps2 still selling strong and in some cases HAS outsold the 360 in sales recently.
Seferoth75  +   1776d ago
DS is set to break it. I really do not think we should even count 50 million of those. WE all know PS2 was a very faulty console. Sony had to be sued into fixing it. Just look at it this way. at 75 million Wii has games that sold over 20 million. With 150million sold not a single game is over 20 million. Hell just going by N4G most Wii owners do not even play their console yet Nintendo can still sale more software with Wiis install base than Sony could with PS2.

Also PS2 has outsold PS3 every year since PS3 launched. It isnt just the 360 that it is beating in sales.
Gamerfans   1776d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Volomon  +   1776d ago
This is kind of a stupid article one do they count the built in PS3 browser do they include all browsers or just IE4. Second what country? It could be Asstonia land of Xbox360.

Plan moot, also PCWorld is under the MS media corp umbrella.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1776d ago
With a picture like that, I'm not surprised. I mean... LOOK AT THAT CONTROLLER!
Evildoomnerd  +   1776d ago
What are you talking about?
What controller?
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1776d ago
Wow wtf! The picture changed! NOOO!!!!
airforcex  +   1776d ago
You are all missing the point
Let me school you,

First, I've owned NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Sega CD, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, and 360. Historically, the American and Japanese markets have been the lead markets, the US getting the edge. Why, it's all about $$$. Software sales, hardware sells. Etc. For the Sony fans in the crowd, ask Sony which market they would like to dominate and, you know the answer. Does it mean, Sony is not doing good? No. But not even MS thought it had a chance in Japan. Be realistic. American systems don't sell there. Second, MS and Sony are tied in Europe; that's a fact. Third, go back in history and you'll see that some systems have done well in Europe (Sega Master System) or Japan (Sega Saturn) and have still been considered a failure. Is the PS3 a failure; hell no. But it is a fact that 360 is still the number 1 HD console in the world, by dominating 2 out of 3 markets (they're not even a player in one of them). The system is simply better for online, and this seems to matter more than Blu, etc. The system was desinged for easy development, and games look better on 360 with less effort (yes KZ and Uncharted 2 is another story). Again, survey Sony, and they'll tell you if they thought they would be in this position in 2010. Love my PS3, but your criticism of 360 is simply childish. It's a great system as well. Go back in history; read about E3 2005 and what was said. Read how harsh reviewers were on 360 when it came out. It has proven to be a great system. For PS3, most asumed it would be the Holy Grail and, frankly, 360 is kinda deserving the title at the moment (well, actually the Wii is). Again, do your research.
jackfack66  +   1776d ago
Except the PS3 has continued to outsell the 360 for the past couple quarters globally so it really does make a difference. I guess you could also say the whole "360 came out a year early" thing too but doesn't matter too much. It's proven 2 things. 1 to be an extremely defective system more than anything else. and 2 it really did some awesome innovation for the online gaming community no doubt. It's slowly becoming more of a problem of the paying 60 dollars though when ps3 has made vast strides to try and catch up.

Like I said though, PS3 has outsold the 360 by 3.5 million give or take this year I believe. Whether Kinect saves the sales of 360 worldwide will be a major factor in who has the crown (of HD-ness, as the Wii destroys in sales)
MysticStrummer  +   1776d ago
"The system (360) is simply better for online" XBL is better for the social aspects of online gaming, but not the actual gaming in my opinion. PS3 gets the edge there for having dedicated servers for many of their big exclusives. Business wise, the Wii has been the Holy Grail this gen because it's cheap to produce and sold like it was the cure for many many horrible diseases. The 360 was cheap to produce too, and well... nevermind.
smashman98  +   1776d ago
LOL i read ur mind dude + bubbles
Dark_king  +   1776d ago
Actually PS3 is built to use online better.Higher bitrate,plus the system is quite capable of cloud computing.Now the 360 does have some better social features but not any game features.
PostApocalyptic  +   1776d ago
"Second, MS and Sony are tied in Europe; that's a fact. Is the PS3 a failure; hell no. But it is a fact that 360 is still the number 1 HD console in the world, by dominating 2 out of 3 markets"

How can you say that MS and Sony are tied in Europe yet in your next sentence state that MS is "Dominating" in 2 out of 3 markets?

The 360 has a major lead in the US only. And is practically tied with Sony in worldwide sales even though the 360 had a year head start + and the PS3 was selling for $600 for over a year.

P.S. The reason that the 360 has the lead in the USA is because their main audience is American PC gamers that wanted a console for FPS. That market was NEVER strong on the Playstation -- even the PSone or PS2. Look it up. Check out FPS sales on both the PSone and PS2.

The PS3 is the first of its kind for Playstation brand to gain some market in the FPS genre.
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chidori soukou  +   1776d ago
Microsoft Xbox more popular than PlayStation 3
popular products:

coca cola, mw2, windowns,mc donalds..

IMO popular products are inferior.
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Eiffel  +   1776d ago
Coca-Cola is inferior? You must have meant Pepsi.

chidori soukou  +   1776d ago
pepsi pwnds all day coca ;)

pepsi is sooo much more cooler than coca cola!
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beast242tru  +   1776d ago
blah blah blah yes the 360 is popular and alot of people have them but i also know that alot of 360 owners are clueless to alot of things and in alot of cases cnt even controll everything on the 360 they just play cds and are happy ethernet cord never ever goes in
RevXM  +   1776d ago
I know what you mean.
Many 360 owners are mainstream gamers. (more than with ps3)
They dont know much about games and it seem to me many of them play whatever they find in the bargain bin...

It is realated to commercial succses and gossip.

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Z777  +   1776d ago
The 360s with RROD's will make great ornaments on my tree this year! lets just hope they dont fry the tree up O_O
Titanz  +   1776d ago
Note to self
Post a hot women pic with epic bewbies, and the article will be approved no matter what.
Mr Tretton  +   1776d ago
"43 percent of all online games console searches are for the Xbox 360"

Those are searches for a replacement 360.
Masterchef2007  +   1776d ago
So because people search for the 360 more in google makes it the most popular console? That doesn't make any sense at all.
RevXM  +   1776d ago
Just a thought.

360 may not refer to the console.

Geometry, energy and navigation.
visualb  +   1776d ago
i think they mean xbox 360**

not just 360 alone duh =P that'd be like 100000000 searches xD
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1776d ago
Why does everybody care about sales or popularity? Buy the console you want, don't buy it because 'everybody' else has it. The only reason we should care about sales in the slightest, is if the console aren't selling enough for games support. Which at the moment isn't happening.
DarnTruth  +   1776d ago
And if PS3 was considered more popular in these statistics, everyone here would say the same thing about the source and credibilty blah blah blah. Right? Right.
enkeixpress  +   1776d ago
Nice tits..
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