10.0 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Review

From the recent release of Shift to the slightly older Underground, the Need for Speed series has gone down many routes since its inception back in 1994. Thanks to the name, the series has always been quite successful in terms of sales, but not every direction taken has yielded critical success.

It’s quite fitting then that the latest addition to the series is a title that aims to take Need for Speed back to its 3DO roots. The racers, cops and chases are all back. With Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, EA have drafted in Criterion Games (the team behind the Burnout series) to bring some genuine thrills and arcade style fun back to the series. Have they managed to achieve their goal? Read on to find out.

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morkendo232645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Have they managed to achieve their goal

FK NOOOOOO!! been playing NFS since 3DO and this game no-way near close to 3DO days nor HIGHSTAKES DAYS. nfs has never!! been a single player nor has it been a DRIFTER. NFS has always been : press start,pick your car and RACE!! with many tracks.. not the game select the track for you. and you Only!!! race in SEACREST county
this IS!! not NFS by nooo means. more like burnout for speed

morkendo232645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

ALL this is is burnout with cops masquerading as NFS no more no less.
next time criterion take more hints from BLACKBOX STUDIO and come out with originality "HOTPURSUIT 3" or "HIGHSTAKES 2" without any burnout additives in it. this game is a FLOP!!