The Low-Down on Gran Turismo 5′s Damage Modeling

Since damage modeling was announced by Polyphony Digital earlier in the year, it has been under close examination. Gran Turismo 5 is the first in the series to incorporate damage on its precious cars, and its absence has been one of the only major weaknesses noticed by many fans. Now that the game is finally out, online forums and websites have been flooded with players wondering why the damage effects in the game are so underwhelming, and the answer to those concerns is fortunately simple.

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Tony-A2670d ago

I hope IGN didn't think Level 20 unlocked full-damage, cuz that was one of their biggest gripes with the game, saying crashes did barely anything.

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ChineseDemocracy2670d ago

I'm not sure if this is the case for everyone else but...

Levels 0 - 9: No damage
Levels 10 - 19: Structural damage present; seems to be cosmetic, no effect on performance.
Levels 20 - 39: Structural damage, affects performance, requires repair.

I'm only level 21 right now, so I can't vouch for levels 40+, but yes, as you progress through the game, it becomes much more immersive.

HarukoHex2670d ago

rain same ingame as trailer.

LMFAO. you are blind. in game. trailer.

can't tell the difference your blind as hell.

MariaHelFutura2670d ago

20/20 must be considered blind. That looks the same to me aswell as when I`m playing it for myself.


Try harder HarukoHex.

The first video you posted is raining at night and you only see from cockpit cam. The second is a mix from weather condition, day time and views, the only comparable part is at 0:30 and it does look the same... Not that you would be able to tell a difference if there was one in such low res videos.

Hideo_Kojima2670d ago

I can tell the difference but I can also tell that the two are different maps and I also realized that I have played both of those tracks with rain turned on and they both look as good and even better than on those videos.

MNicholas2670d ago

reviewers actually finished games and, therefore, were actual experts on the games they wrote about.

Nowadays, they barely play it. Some just go by online videos. Being poorly paid, game reviewers often give positively or negatively slanted reviews for a very meager bribe. Other times, review sites themselves take bribes (in the form of advertising deals) to favor one company or another.

SoSLy2670d ago

I believe the show "Reviews on the Run" of G4, finishes the games before they review it, so it will take 1-2 weeks after release before they actually review the game, and their reviews are honest imo.

Heartnet2670d ago

Haha although some reviews are questionable weather they are being biased there is no evidence to the fact where they are taking bribes in order to give good reviews..

bunfighterii2669d ago

Too true. It's been the same with many sports games. You read the review, play the game, and then wonder if they actually played it for more than a couple hours one afternoon.

I remember IGN's NBA2K10 review- after a solid week with the game it was evident to me they hadn't played it beyond 2-3 hours.

Same is happening with GT5.

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Arup022670d ago

Could anyone answer me a question? I've played GT5 only once, so...The damage is present only in premium cars?

BrianG2670d ago

I can't say for sure, but I've played it for a while now and I'm pretty sure its in Standard cars as well.

Mechanical damage should definitely be in all cars when you unlock that at 20, and then full mechanical damage at 40.

PirateThom2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Premium cars will scratch, deform and panals can fall off.

Standard cars only scratch and deform.

SMW2670d ago

Standard cars can look quite good when damaged. I think the "Bad" screenshots people have taken where the damage looks quite unrealistic are of instances that are quite rare.

NecrumSlavery2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Standard cara will have scratch damage and small physical change

Premium cars will have fully dynamic damage custom to each vehicle, which also reflect the physics of that perticular car.

All vehicle will have performance and engine damage.

No swap out effect like in other racers. You won't hit a wall and have a paint job to replicate a crushed hood, it'll be crushed.

If you want the car to look like a tin can in a blender, you'll have to wait for the sexy motorstorm apovolypse. This is the real deal driving sim people.

olLANDSHARKlo2670d ago

Where is the online time trial, where they rank you against others online, am I missing this or was it not included?

sinncross2670d ago

Being patched in I believe.

NecrumSlavery2670d ago

Leaderboards are getting added. This game will grow. Expect many great things.

olLANDSHARKlo2670d ago

Wait a minute, your telling me after 5 yrs. of making this game they left out time trial online leaderboards, it's being patched in? Can you please give me a link to this, this should have been added from the start.

Pyscho_Mantis2670d ago

no there doing it for only a limited time for the competititon of gt academy so is only going to be present for a couple of weeks

nix2670d ago

GT5P had leaderboards... i wonder why they don't have it here.

SMW2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

From what I can tell damage scales depending on your Driver Level.

At level 8 or so I could get panels coming loose on premiums (see my profile avatar) as well as some cosmetic damage. I could also get deformation on standard cars. It took alot of roll overs and head on's, but it was possible.

Im assuming that as you progress the damage doesnt unlock, so much as the force registered by impacts increases to a realistic level.

Someone said on here that GT5 was an RPG.

They were right. Ive sunk about 24 hours into this puppy since launch and im still not even thinking about being bored. Forza has a much quicker and instantly gratifying feel to it (and before you call me a troll read my comment history) but GT5 really seems to feel more compelling. You have to work for everything and its incredibly addictive.


DigitalAnalog2670d ago

I think once he sees a lot of people reaches 20 - 40, that's when he'll give the YT function to show the whole world that there is "damage".

-End of Line

Xusuyzus2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

There is only one think I don't like about GT5,..
When you are doing licenses,.. It takes to long to reload when you fail(you can pause before you finish the license challenge, and reload fast,.. but if you finish the challenge with bronze),..
you have to reload the shit,..and watch all the bs again,..
the thing is you really, don't always know If you gold it,.. and don't want to pause- restart,..
Maybe you should just do them in one pass,.. but if you want to gold them all,.. It is a pain in the ass,..
It does not take that long,.. but I really wish it could be faster,.. because some of challenges are really tough, get a gold,..

Other than that, game is perfect,..

DigitalAnalog2670d ago

Especially when you're trying to get gold on the 200m break.

-End of line

Elwenil2670d ago

My only complaint is the ridiculous AI in conjunction with the rule that you can't collide with other cars or be disqualified on the final test of a license. I tried multiple times to complete the 2 laps of Grand Valley on the International A license and every time I could not finish because I got hit by an AI driver and either pushed off the track or I got blamed for the hit and disqualified. I think it's pretty stupid to punish the player because the AI is worthless. Other than that, I love the game in and out but I'm taking a break from it for a few days because things like that will quickly make me hate a game.

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