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Stephanie Palermo writes: Brotherhood does not revolutionize or add a mess of new features to the single player experience, but this is a hell of a good game. It does for the series what Mass Effect 2 did for that series: it sets up the next entry into the series perfectly. Not to mention the online multiplayer is the best non-Call of Duty/Halo-esque experience ever available on consoles.

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TheLiztress2759d ago

I'm really hoping to get the chance to play this game. I'm not much into multi-player parts of games but Brotherhood makes me want to traverse Rome and have some fun in the free for all.

kooleybear2759d ago

It's a really good game & review to. Brotherhood has impressive visual prowess over Ubisoft's predecessors. It's fun, short, sweet, and simple.

tigresa2759d ago

I don't know if I'd say it's short! It's definitely hours upon hours of things to do in this game. :)

NecrumSlavery2759d ago

Yeah as far as I know, it's longer than AC2.

My only current gripe from what I read(G4 hit it best) is the REAL WORLD or Desomd's Story is not really told in this one either. Most know Altair or Ezio but this isn't really about them. I hope they can at least give me a good 20% of AC3 outside of the Animus. The historical stuff is 10/10 solid in everything I've played for the most part. I would really much like to see some more of the real sotry going on and find out more about Desmond.

ShadowPraxis2759d ago

I still haven't played ACII yet, so I still have some time to go before I get to this one. ;P

Snarkasaur2759d ago ShowReplies(1)
K-Tuck2759d ago

I'm quite interested in the multiplayer.

fonzii2759d ago

The multiplayer looks like so much fun! haha, I'm excited to get my hands on this one

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