T3: Gran Turismo 5 Review

Huge array of vehicles and tracks
Stunning graphical detail
Accurate racing physics

Endless menus and loading screens
Lack of damage

Following the wait and hype, GT5 just reaches its potential

The repeated delays, cancellations and postponements enforced on Gran Turismo 5 in the recent months and years have come so close to being the games downfall. The hype and expectation pitch on a title that has constantly disappointed expectant gamers prior to launch have given it a lot to live up to and whilst it doesn’t reach all expectations, GT5 is undoubtedly the best Gran Turismo to date and the most accomplished and complete racing title to ever hit the market.

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Static-X2766d ago

Lack of damage



Yeah, the reviewer will notice the Damage eventually when he level up.

Joule2766d ago

Even though 5/5 review am fail if they put "Lack of damage"

RedDead2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Read article first
" the lack of damage realism almost ruins the obsessively fine work and true to life driving renditions created in GT"

I wouldn't say it ruins it. The damage doesn't matter much.

Hang on also , if it almost ruins it for you, how the 5/5?

Edit---I guess the good outways the bad entirely to the reviewer.

JokesOnYou2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

It seems like PD "half delivered" as far as damage goes. Why would a game that is suppose to be "realistic", have a lack of damage UNTIL you reach level 40 or whatever? I mean in real life it doesn't matter if its your very first race or you're a 20yr veteran if you hit a wall at 100mph you and your car at the very least will pay heavy consequences. Seriously allowing damage to be turned on and off is one thing= optional, but if realism is what a sim aims to achieve "leveling up" to unlock features that should be a standard part of gameplay is a very awkward choice by PD.

Damage is a ever present risk for any driver, as such a "definitive" simulator should at least try to replicate this unwanted consequence through out the game.

DigitalAnalog2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"Why would a game that is suppose to be "realistic", have a lack of damage UNTIL you reach level 40 or whatever?"

First off, it's level 20. And secondly, your point is ONLY valid if there are no "consequences" in the game. In case you "missed" the point behind the damage, you'd realize that you're penalized for paying for the damage that could possibly end up more than your car (depending on how many upgrades you've applied as well).

How is it that a beginner would be able to PAY for these damages? If this was a JRPG, what point is it to fight a level 65 character while you're level 1 - especially if you have no clue how to play the damn game? Can you imagine how OVERWHELMING a begginner must feel if damage was unlocked from the get go.

The game is designed to teach you how NOT to crash. Naturally, damage adds difficulty since it is a "penalty" factor. What you've seen is a demonstration of a learning curve. Look that up.

-End of Line

JokesOnYou2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

lol, say what you will but no damage to begin a sim game doesn't make much sense, turning damage off is cool for those who choose, and fits as a nice option for casuals, which does NOT in anyway affect the enthusiasts enjoying the risk of sim damage from start to finish. Just like pc sims damage is expected from the start, it doesn't have much to do with progressive difficulty its just what happens if you crash into a wall, if not then it leans to arcade racing gameplay not sim. Naturaly, things like AI, upgrading, higher performance cars, advanced tracks will make the difficulty progress like you see in professional racing. The money issue can easily be overcome by starting beginners off with a small bank, low budget sponsor, used parts, selling parts dirt cheap, credit line or a combination of any of the above, GT5 is a great game but stop making excuses for some of the half-baked decisions on PD's part, but hey maybe its just me and they were sure most GT fans would rather have increasing damage as you progress....I'm not playing the game myself, just giving my opinion on the news so take it however you want.

nix2765d ago

I'm not playing the game myself, just giving my opinion on the news so take it however you want."

then how about a nice cup of SHUT THE F*CK UP! just giving you my opinion.

DigitalAnalog2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"a nice option for casuals"

This is where the problem lies. The game was designed EXCLUSIVELY for the hardcore.

Your argument brings no water to the damage discussion. The game is designed to teach you NOT to crash which defeats your whole point. You only want damage as an option just so you could justify shooting down this game which is pathetic by all means.

The game teaches you how to drive "realistically" which is why it is a SIM. What you're aruging is just the "cosmetics" of a SIM but it does not define a sim. This is where it differs from Forza, you are PENALIZED for busting up your car. That is an aspect of a SIM, this way you learn how to "realistically" drive better to avoid such. The damage there acts as an extra obstacle, not as part of the experience of the SIM.

But take it what you will, this is why beginners like me to racing SIMS ENJOY Gran Turismo, there is no bullsh*t design, the straightforward approach, the difficulty and the learning is all there.

Shooting down this game even though you haven't played it and calling it "half-baked" decision is one irony that is left for the history books. If anything, I blame T10 for using the same "model-switching" damage utilized in Forza 2 as "half-baked" decision.

-End of line

-End of line

JokesOnYou2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

"Shooting down this game even though you haven't played it and calling it "half-baked" decision is one irony that is left for the history books."

-I'm not shooting down the game, this is just the first I've heard of GT5 NOT having damage from the start of the game and I'm only making an observation about it. I mean who here thought when GT5 was reported to get damage that it wouldn't be throughout the game? Do I need to re-read some of those early n4g threads about GT5 including damage? Just as I think some people have over analyzed the game with nitpicky video's of glitches, some of you are definitely making excuses for every flaw. Yes, I think not allowing damage from the begining is a "half-baked" attempt to implement it, who says it has to be just cosmetic? And who says it would make the game too difficult for casuals, isn't it meant for hardcore sim lovers anyway? If casuals want to learn they expect sims to come with realistic rules. Thats why many PC sims "teach you" to drive in the begining on no name easy race courses, that allow you to make mistakes with wide turns, long straight aways, simplistic race course to manuever, with AI drivers who are less aggressive, but again the risk remains of crashing/damaging your car and affecting its performance, IF YOU push too hard, dont break at the right moment and YOUR CAR WILL PAY FOR IT, no matter what level. However as I gave with the above examples theres really simple solutions to keep you in the race, still making it fun for the gamer all while making it accessible to beginners, to ignore that and say "OMG people buying a *SIM will be afraid if damage is present early on" just sounds like a major cop out/excuse in defence of GT5 to me. Now if you disagree then fine, no need to bring Forza2 into this( lol, wtf?) and we could argue all day about how "realistic" Forza3's damage is beyond just cosmetic's but thats a different point for a later debate and again this is about GT5, not Forza.

You're right nix, I haven't played the game but I don't need to just to have an opinion on the damage aspect....its like saying you can't judge a fps based off reports that it doesn't have co-op missions unless you buy dlc, do I really need to play it to say that I think thats a money grab decision on the part of the devs?, NO. Dont be so sensitive.

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Angels37852766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

"Lack of damage"
God these reviewers need to wake up. But great review tho.

Dsnyder2766d ago ShowReplies(2)
clearelite2766d ago

Man, this is really a shame. It's nice to see another great score for this game. But, "lack of damage" seems to keep popping up. I can't put all the blame on this reviewer though, but he should have done a bit more research, or actually played the game a bit more IMO.

dkgshiz2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

GT5 is ass raping the gaming media by the reviews these websites post. Not one reviewer has mentioned that the damage system continues to become more realistic as you level up. It just shows how these reviewers barely played the game. Gamespot has been taking its time with the game so I expect to see a good review from them. At least they play the game for more then two days without posting a review 10 secs after they played it.

Sunny_D2766d ago

For real. Seriously, IGN probably had their review days before the release date because they posted it at 12:01 midnight Wednesday. Exactly. I mean can you be serious?

karl2766d ago

for what we know... IGN could have review the game from GT5 prologue ... LOL

Next_Up2766d ago

LOL @ "lack of damage"

Another reviewer falls victim to minimum playtime.

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