Sonic the Hedgehog 2 rendered in 3D

With all of the games making the jump to 3D on Nintendo's 3DS handheld next year, it makes you wonder if Sonic will make the jump as well (our money's on yes). While Sega has no plans as of yet to release the blue blur on the system, one artist recreated the Genesis classic Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in a way that will jump out at you.

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Marcus Fenix2609d ago

if this gets released on XBLA im gonna get it asap

8-bit2609d ago

First off this is 2.5 D and not 3D. Also there is no gameplay because it would be identical to the original game..

Marceles2609d ago

The last show of Death Egg Zone was epic, I wish I could see it in motion. I bet Super Sonic and the bonus stages would look badass too

stealthmog2609d ago

I LOVE the music in Mystic Cave Zone! I'm gonna go play this now.

Neko_Mega2609d ago

I don't need remakes really, I got sonic 1 up to sonic & knuckles for sega genesis.

I finish all of them on the genesis.