All Wii Bundles $169.99 at Best Buy – TODAY ONLY!

Conflicting Gamers - "What a SMOKING DEAL! For today only, Best Buy is dishing out ALL 3 Wii Bundles for $169.99. The RED, BLACK and classic WHITE are ALL $169.99. That’s a tremendous deal!"

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fromasterjay2516d ago

Says the guy with the PS3 as his avatar.... Pfft...

Nitrowolf22516d ago

He might think that the PS3 offers more then the Wii

None the less, this is a great deal, my old Wii broke so i will prob. pick this up

Headquarters112516d ago

Well its not really THAT good of a deal. It's only $30 off, plus tax.

Sitdown2516d ago

I some what agree with Headquarters. This deal has been available since the morning of black Friday, and chances are it might be available on Sunday as well...the fact that they are still available this late in the game, makes me believe that others don't think it is that big of a deal either. With that said, I was in Best Buy today, and there were plenty of people standing around watching everybody demo Kinect. As a 360 owner, I am not interested in Kinect...but clearly people are intersted in it....

killalot1002516d ago

I saw the same thing for both the move and kinect not trolling here. I think that sony and microsoft are actually doing what they set out to do. That is taking a piece of the social gaming share away from the wii. I am getting a wii for my nieces tho for this price why not.

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metsgaming2516d ago

red is such a terrible color yuk, should have made a blue one.

BloodyNapkin2516d ago

That actually is not a good deal. Everyone local here is selling them for 149.99 and Meijer is selling it for that with a 20 dollar coupon, so you get it for 129.99.

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George Sears2516d ago

Nice but damn I'm interested on getting one once Zelda pops up. I don't have that kind of money to spend now sadly.

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badkolo2516d ago

NO thanks, can someone tell the wii to die already

fromasterjay2516d ago

I'm pretty sure it's here to stay...

Dsnyder2516d ago

Now we are getting somewhere but I would never pay more than 100$ for a wii. It calculator specs have been overcharged to the public ever since it released.

fromasterjay2516d ago

Technically it is pretty close to $100 if you factor in the Wii Motion Plus and the games in the total price!!

TheLastGuardian2516d ago

yea. I'll buy one when the price comes down. I just don't have time or money to invest in the entire backlog of the wii. I also lack Nintendo nostalgia.

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