Top 10 Dream Uses for Kinect Other than Gaming

From the feature article:

"Well, it finally happened, Microsoft tossed their hat into the ring and released Kinect into the waiting masses of people who are anxious to see how the hell it will fair against Sony’s Move and Nintendo’s Wii. Already there have been reviews both scathing and lauding the motion sensing system along with one idiot who has destroyed their television. While I’ll be the first to contend that motion control is the future and there will come a day where physical gamepads will become nothing more that antiquated reminders of the past – it does go without saying that the system as it stands so far is pretty cool. And despite the unyielding fact that there are still a few kinks to work out of the system, the underlying fundamental purpose is a good entry for Microsoft against competing systems."

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UltimaEnder2789d ago

Might bust out a couple of these over the Holidays, worth a try at least - that 3D modeling video is downright amazing and shows the true power of the Kinect....impressive!

LaurenKB1232789d ago

Minority Report is starting to come true, watch out murderers.

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