Gran Turismo 5- In Depth Tuning Guide Don't know the difference between a Drivetrain and Transmission? Did you read the word "Chassis" and pronounce it like it's spelled (chass + is)? You're going to need some help.

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WutPleaze2766d ago

Yet another badass GT 5 guide! Nicely done guys! Now if only I was better at driving...

nix2766d ago

good info... i was one of those who pronounced "chass-is".

BlueTroll2766d ago

I'm impressed. I didn't thonk any of that crao actually made a difference. I just rocke online though by the same car... this sucks hahaha

Sunny_D2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

That's what I love about tuning. Sometimes the most powerful choice is not always the best choice depending on the car you choose. I love tinkering around with my car, and seeing it's performance.

Damn, this 1 bubble is very annoying. Curse you N4G CHAT!

ExPresident2766d ago

Well said, have a bubble.

soundslike2766d ago

I've been trying for days to figure out how to tame a supercharged mustang..

I had a good setup for technical tracks but then I switched something for a different track and I forget what I did. It now pretty much drifts non stop without being super careful with the "trottle"(nyuk nyuk)

BABY-JEDI2766d ago

That article was a really good read. Well done. : )

HarukoHex2766d ago

if you don't know how to tune why are you playing GT in the first place.

not like your going to be able to compete online without a good set up.

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