Gran Turismo 6: What we want to see

Despite the fact that Gran Turismo 5 has only been sitting in our trays for mere days, we've got our eyes set firmly on the future again.

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MariaHelFutura2792d ago

What I it to launch w/ the PS4. I`ll be playing GT5 for years.

Bereaver2792d ago

If it would be possible, that indeed would be great.

But I think it will still take a couple years after the PS4 is released.

mikeslemonade2791d ago

See it kick Forza 4 and Forza 5's ass.

sashimi2791d ago

GT5 will already do that to Forza 4/5...

DasBunker2791d ago

reviews state otherwise... thats what a fanboy would say :P.

nickjkl2791d ago

unless forza 4

can do damage
windsheld wipers
when you look in reverse while in cockpit mode you see through the back window
see your driver actually drive as in shift and press pedals
day and night cycles

yeah those to name a few then i think gt5 will still be up there

only thing i see forza 4 doing is becoming less sim and more arcade since everyone that says they like forza over gt5 is because its easier to drive

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MariaHelFutura2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

BTW, I love how PD just called out reviewers like NO ONE has ever done. I already loved them to begin with, but I have gained an entirely new respect for them for dealing GT5 the way they did. They could have came out and talked soooooooo much sh!t about Forza, NFS and any other racing game, having 10x better of a damage system just try to sell the game. But didn`t.....and the game will sell itself.

All the trolls in the world can`t stop this game.

dredgewalker2791d ago

It's funny how the feature did its own damage against the so-called "reviewers". I've always called IGN ignorant because time and time again they never fail to fail in my eyes. There was a time when I bought magazines to read the reviews and previews of games and most of the reviewers were always spot on and I bought a lot of games based on those reviews because games are an expensive hobby. Integrity is one of the things a journalist must not lose and in this generation of gaming it's almost a lost attribute. Heck, look at the trolls here with multiple accounts. If you can't be honest in the internet then there's no way you can be honest as a person.

PostApocalyptic2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

This article is so shallow. The only reason the author wrote it is because he hasn't played GT5 long enough. He's riding the "IGN said so..." wave and is behind the times.

I'm at level 7 and I've been messing around with the My GT area, settings, GT TV, and special events and racing for my licenses for 12-15 hours. I've been trying to gold all my tests. Got mostly silver and about 25% gold for both A and B. Now doing some Karting and NASCAR. This game is fun! And so much to do.

The last thing on my mind is GT6.

Shadow Flare2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

More premium cars, motorbikes, the Seattle circuit and midfield raceway tracks, weather/night on all tracks and more rally environments like forests/mud, and better AI are what I'd like to see In GT6

Cevapi882791d ago

Grindelwald....i want a more intuitive garage so that i can enjoy my cars in all of their greatness

as for the track creator, i want a city landscape, ocean/beach setting and more freedom with how i make each section as well as being able to place tunnels, bridges along with populating the track with people, objects and brush/trees

StanRaimondi2791d ago

Some reviewers that actually play the game for more than a hour

MysticStrummer2791d ago

Nah. Let the 360 fanboys have something fun to read. They need something fun to do. Just look at Orionsaint, sanad, and Raptura down there. Don't give up little fellas. Keep fighting the good fight against reality.

2791d ago
metsgaming2791d ago

Add all nascar tracks and everything else others have said

DigitalAnalog2791d ago

And more worldwide tracks especially on Hong Kong and Singapore. PRETTY PLEEAASSEE!

Note: I don't want to see GT6 for the next 3 years because the amount of content on GT5 would allow me to finish even at that time.

-End of Line

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