Pachter : Sony/MS Are Lying About Move/Kinect Shortages To Spur Demand

When we asked the Wedbush Morgan analyst if he believed the shortage issues were a marketing ploy to increase demand for Move and Kinect, Pachter told us: “Yes, I think both companies would very much like for consumers to believe that their devices are highly sought after and difficult to obtain. That usually works to spur demand.

“Sony shipped 2.5 million units in the U.S. and Europe, and their sales are nowhere near that level, so I'm not sure how they can reconcile the fact that units shipped far exceed units sold.”

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hiredhelp2673d ago

Oh patcher whats your crystal ball tell you next week. please i want to know. (NOT)

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

He must be right, also he said GT5 will be released in december

Oh wait...

Tony-A2673d ago

He even claimed that Sony told him that.

He's either on acid and imagining these encounters with the Big 3 or he's simply getting paid to be a professional guesser.

erathaol2673d ago

Yeah he does get paid to be a professional guesser.

irepbtown2673d ago

I thought he got kidnapped by aliens...

ABizzel12673d ago

Pachter I have a question for you. Have you ever thought that you maybe just maybe, you don't know as much as you think you do?

acere2673d ago

hhg i trust more than patcher

room4142673d ago

its the mices fault for being genetically similar to us, cows having tasty tit-juice and meat (same with the pigs) and the plants for having edible fruit.

rroded2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

sry dude disagree... both are pretty much jus shooting their mouths for cheap hits...

but at least patcher doesnt try to rap... n never brings his grandma up for sympathy hits...

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DaTruth2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Sony was upfront about having underestimated Move's popularity and not shipped enough, there is no lying there. I have yet to see MS say anything about sales/shortages of Kinect!

Just today there was an article saying how Kinect is sold out and Move is available, so this somehow speaks to the sales of each device on Black Friday; At this point in Move's life cycle it was also sold out.

Having kept up with demand or not is in no way a testament to the sales of any product!

Christopher2673d ago

This is a "no duh" statement. Been saying is since Move was released.

BrianG2672d ago

lol, Pachters son say what?

Or would you like a different title.

Kinect hasn't been sold out yet either. At least where I'm at, and many other locations as well according to others. Its not a bad thing that they aren't sold out, but don't just point to Move, that will get you a label you probably don't want.

Christopher2672d ago

I didn't say that this wasn't true for Kinect either. Look at my post history, been saying the exact same thing about Kinect. Both Sony and Microsoft are doing the exact same thing, talking about shortages to encourage people to go out and buy it before "it's too late".

BrianG2672d ago

Oh okay, well in that case don't worry about it haha. Your comment just seemed a bit one sided.

velocitygamer2673d ago

This guy needs his head shoved up Susan Boyle's ass, literally.

Anon19742673d ago

Here's the thing. Pachter says both company's want us to believe that the product is difficult to obtain, but the thing is - at least in my city, one of those products IS difficult to obtain, and that's the standalone move controller. A quick check of Gamestop, Futureshop and BestBuy in my city (Edmonton, AB - Canada) shows that the $150 Kinect unit is available everywhere. There are a numbers of stores reporting they're sold out of the stand alone Move controllers.

Let's face it. When Pachter predicted Move sales he ended up not even being close in the US and now he's talking about shortages for both units is an imaginary thing - but at least in my city shortages of the Move controllers are real. It's Kinect that seems to have no shortages whatsoever.

2673d ago
kneon2673d ago

That matches what I've seen. There are big stacks of Kinect, Kinect bundles, Move bundle and the Move starter pack, but the standalone Move controller is near impossible to find.

Sarcasm2673d ago

Real Mod, your obviously the one who's really just trolling.

He said only the STANDALONE move controllers are hard to find. WHICH IN FACT THEY ARE. There's plenty of the sports champions bundle, the navigation controller, etc.

As well as plenty of Kinects all over the place.

The fact is that BOTH are available and the only one that really is hard to find is the standalone move controller.

Read next time, you 12 year old.

2673d ago
kneon2673d ago

@A Real Mod

He said he was in Edmonton so checking all the bestbuys in Alberta shows every store has stock of Kinect

A quick check of some of the other provinces shows similar results. Move though is sold out in 4 out of 11 stores in Alberta

Tony-A2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

You probably just did what Real Mod would never do.


It's most likely the reason why he thought darkride was lying. Isn't it so much easier to just call someone a liar than to figure it out yourself, Real Mod?

oohWii2672d ago

@Darkride - Your lame has no shame.

I can't begin to count the number of times you have made this same statement.

"A quick check of Gamestop, Futureshop and BestBuy in my city blah blah blah"

The funny thing is you story alway end in your favor they are always sold out of your favorite thing and have plenty of the things that you don't want.

Dude, you are so full of it. Just STFU PLEASE!

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pork_chop_express2673d ago

The guy rambling on the street corner has more accurate information about move sales.

JsonHenry2673d ago

My local Gamestop has Move AND kinects for sale sitting in the glass behind their registers.

And if they didn't walmart and kmart both have them sitting around as well.

Sheikh Yerbouti2673d ago

Crap loads of Move and Kinect bundles at Best Buy. There's even 360 Final Fantasy and Tekken bundles from back stock being sold at discount.

hakis862673d ago

I don't know about Kinect, since it just came out..
But I don't think Sony is lying: a friend of mine pre-ordered a second move-controller a long time ago, and the "expexted delivery date" keeps getting pushed back. I think it says december now.

Maybe both MS and Sony are just stacking up until the last weeks of x-mas shopping?

gm9992672d ago

patcher didnt get money from these company and now have started to use these tactics lol. Patcher is ghastori ma ka bacha kutti ma ka yar dali ka puttar mader chod lun di shakal wala

cliffbo2672d ago

pachter LIES to get even more hits. lol

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darthdevidem012673d ago ShowReplies(3)
chadwarden2673d ago

They are? Oh no what will I do now?

Motorola2673d ago

Thats nice Pachter but I doubt any one cares...its a marketing we penalize companies for trying to sell their product? And how do we even know if this guy is right...

mushroomwig2673d ago

I need the lotto numbers for next week Pach..come on, help me out.

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