Yun and Yang and Maybe even evil Ryu in SSF4 for Consoles?

Although not officially confirmed, it looks like Capcom is making the right decision to add the SSF4 Arcade Edition content on consoles. The new achievement tiles show Yun and Yang, and maybe even Evil Ryu. Check it out!

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come_at_me_bro2518d ago

It would be ridiculous if Yun and Yang didn't make it to consoles. Evil Ryu would be HORRIBLE as anything other than a boss character, though.

Optical_Matrix2518d ago

The scrubs would flock to him. I hope this is true. I'm so excited about learning Yun and Yang. Adding 4 characters to my arsenal.

LeXxXiNgToN2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

looks fake, the arcade version with yun and yang is not even out in japan yet. Why would a xbox version already be done? not to metion the descriptions to unlock the achievements looks to similar too each other.

goukijones2517d ago

I agree. The content is already made and it would be easy to port it over to the home consoles. The question I want answered is DLC for characters possible. Ono is alleged to be making some announcement about SF this week. We shall see. Thanks for reading.