Gran Turismo 5: Level 40 advanced damage modelling video will shock you

Gamersmint: Thought Gran Turismo 5 did poor damage modelling? Think again!

Since this is a sim and nothing comes without hard work, you will also need to reach a high enough level in order to experience damage at its worst form.

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psb2461d ago

this will make people who said GT 5 damage fails go pale.

Seriously, what other surprises does this game pack?

Spider0502461d ago

level 40 gets you simulation-level damage
I am telling you...
Reviews havent beat this game and already saying: no damge, bad game...

I made level 40. So great damge

AKS2461d ago

I like that, though. It kind of exposes how much time is put into a game. I can definitely imagine the amount of intense pressure that is placed on reviewers to get out a review immediately at release, but we'll easily be able to see which qualified their review as a work in progress and those who tried to pass their review off like they've seen everything the game had to offer.

irepbtown2461d ago

I dont think it was the wisest of ideas to 'Unlock' damage.
Still a great game.

Shame on the people who said no damage. Must feel really stupid.

mintaro2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

The only damage I've seen has been on this car, through both videos.

nix2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

i saw this yesterday.... right now i just hit 11 level.. n rally in dirt is so tough to handle... my arms ache just trying to keep the car in track... and since i'm here... IGN + OTHERS... I HOPE YOU GUYS GET HIT BY ONE OF THE STANDARD CARS IN GT5. there are 800 types to begin with... lol. n i hope you don't die bcoz i want you guys to count the "pixels"

EDIT: @PSFAN999: i'll quote what others are saying below...

"One would think so, however you need to build on how much money and your driving skill before you start to destroy your ride in a race. If this was unlocked from the start you would run out of money for repairs and become broke with a crap ride that is also broke. Therefore stopping you from progressing through the races.

At a level 40 you should have a very good understanding of how your vehicle drives and races. You only damage it at the knowing the expense of the damages."

courtesy - Highatus.

SeanRL2461d ago

Kind of a dumb idea to make people unlock damage. I think all these stupid reviewers who played it for a day need to do a new review.

Death24942461d ago

If you guys notice, the real reviewers actually took some time with the game before releasing a verdict (I.E. G4tv, Gametrailer, etc). I'll say it before, there is too much content for you to actually review this game in a day or two.

-Alpha2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )


I've been hearing about progressive damage and was waiting for a video like this

It's odd in the sense that you progress damage, but it's part of their approach to get new fans "eased" into the experience, I think.

randomwiz2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )


It's not really "unlocking" damage, its more like as you progress through the game and level up, the game gets harder and harder, and more realistic damage is a part of that, along with harder AI, etc

acedoh2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

The damage model is beautiful but I am almost afraid to get to that level. Considering I spent over 100k to upgrade a 69 Camaro. It looks beautiful and I have become so careful as to not play bumper cars. I am on level 14 right now so I know it's coming soon.

NoBias2461d ago

I having a hard time understanding why you have to unlock damage in this game. That doesn't make any sense to me. Can somebody who's playing explain?

That's like unlocking tire smoke and weather systems.

MariaHelFutura2461d ago


Because the game is for those who PLAY the game, IMO this is amazing. It shows how much PD doesn`t care about trying to prove themselves and how sites give half asses reviews.

GT5 wins.

baodeus2461d ago

while i'm not that far yet, but i have a question?

Is there an actual physical damage to your car, preventing you from driving, steering etc....depending on where you hit it?

Raf1k12461d ago

@acedoh, 'I am almost afraid to get to that level. Considering I spent over 100k to upgrade a 69 Camaro. It looks beautiful and I have become so careful as to not play bumper cars.'

That's great. I'm completely new to GT games but that to me is basically what's so great about the game. You put in the effort to get the cars you love and you look after them as you would the real thing. If you damage it you get one hell of a shock as you would with the real thing.

MariaHelFutura2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )



DatNJDom812461d ago

This just goes to show you that the supposed low reviews are from people that didn't play the game completely. This is the best racer this gen so far.

InTheKnow2461d ago Show
jerethdagryphon2461d ago

hrmm do that ina contach and i will hunt you down :( pretty cars shouldnt get damaged

nice modeling though very realistic

Absolut_Turkey2461d ago

Lol at the poor troll who's hating on a game he's never played. I bet the only racing games you've played have "Mario" in them.

Trebius2461d ago

Know what's funny?


all of the reviewers would've said, it's too hard! It's impossible!

Everytime I damage my car I spend half my money on repairs! I cant advance and get new cars!

Wah Wah Wah! 7/10

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Masamori Sumimura2461d ago

What's so ''Shocking'' about this Video?

Silly gameAr2461d ago

I think it's "shocking" because it shows how little some reviewers played of the game before they published their review.

That's just me though.

Akagi2461d ago

Compare it to this:

See how it's shockingly superior?

RedDead2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Yeah but, how many crashes does it take to get this damage? that's the differance between simulation and arcade

Edit-seriously, how many crashes, i'm curious, is it one crash and thecar looks messed up or do you need to try and get this wrecked?

2461d ago
saint_john_paul_ii2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

its shocking because some reviewers rushed out their reviews for hits..

and simply put, adding an RPG Type of system into GT5 will make you a responsible driver. not to race to crash things, but race to win the clean way.

having this type of realism on level 1 will just make you waste sooo much money on repairs.

evrfighter2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

"its shocking because some reviewers rushed out their reviews for hits.. "

that's shocking?

please dude.

they can pretty much throw the term simulator out the window if this is the case however. btw what the heck did I just watch. All i saw was a trunk popping open...

acedoh2461d ago

Some of you don't understand the concept of Gran Turismo and it is above your head. GT has and always been a simulator. The concept behind the game is to become a more skilled driver. These skills believe it or not you can use in real life. Since this is a simulator the damage is real. You have to pay to keep up your car unlike other games where like a miracle it is back to beautiful. GT5 does not give you that. When you damage your car it stays that way. The purpose is not to damage your car. Otherwise you will have to pay a pretty penny to get it fixed. It's not easy to accumulate money in the game. This game has more purpose that just to race around a track. It's to learn skills and not think you can win a race by knocking the other cars off the road. And yes I have tried the heavy handed approach in this game and all it does is cause me to spin out.

popup2461d ago

Well said acedoh. The fact that most people don't get it makes it all the more entertaining. 'We love cars' is so spot on.

nycredude2461d ago

My brother was given a 69 ford as a gift for completing some objectivfe in the game adn he upgraded the car to output 609 horse power. He crashed it a few times and it cost 350,000 to fixed being that it's a classic car. Anyone who wants damage from the beginning is retarted.

XabiTheHumble2461d ago

@Thegamer41 1) how does the hood not pop up after a crash like that? 2) How are they still able to drive at full speed after a crash like that? 3) why is the whole car strached when the impact was only in the front? this just comfirms forza is an arcade racer next gt

trancefreak2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I wonder how many people complaining actually own the game. Some of the statements are stated in such a way that it would lead to the conclusion of one not owning the game.

Such as really you have to rank up to get "damaged" when actually it makes sense to receive damage later in the game if you own it and have played it. you would understand.

To the people who are enjoying this game and know how awesome it is understand who the game work works fundamentally and therefore aren't complaining.

The game is amazing, it is a pure rush, it is beautiful. I yell at the AI like it was someone on the road in real life LOL.

By no means is it perfect but it is definitively in a league of its own. It takes practice and strategy maybe this is what bothers people.

Its not a game where bam you are a higly skilled black ops killer with a gun ready too shoot everything in your way while you are are being told where to go and what to do. This is a thinking persons game period.

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Wait why do you have to unlock realistic damage? Shouldn't that be available from the start?