Duke Nukem Reloaded Gets Website, Forums & Podcast – Beta Signups Starting Soon

RipTen: "What’s old is new again – and it looks as if work on Duke 3D: Next Gen has kicked into high gear. The team behind this officially licensed remake have launched a new website, started a podcast, posted some sweet concept art, and even teased us with beta invites. Come Get Some!!"

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Hitman07692667d ago

i've always loved duke nukem since Duke 3D, there is something about that game that will never die. I kew Duke would remain, people had doubts, but I never doubted.

CrzyFooL2667d ago

Am I the only person who is more excited for this than Duke Nukem Forever?

Cajun Chicken2667d ago

It's year of the Duke. Not to mention there's not just this, but Bulletstorm that just looks SO inspired by the tone of Duke and most probably Serious Sam 3. Going to be awesome.

Malicious2667d ago

Yes, unless this gets released on PSN as well.

Cajun Chicken2667d ago

Awesome, I reported this a few days ago. Always good for it to be sent up again through a media site though.

CrzyFooL2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Yah mainstream sites usually won't pick up on stuff like this til the weekend. Didn't even see yours come up when I submitted. Oh well, MORE DUKE!!

Cajun Chicken2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

Ah, no prob. At least it gets the guys behind it some well deserved recognition. I just submitted the actual website day it was put up.

LBD_Nytetrayn2667d ago

After being called "irrelevant" and other such things dating back to his being a 90's fixture, it looks as though Duke is muscling his way back into the spotlight, doesn't it?

DaBadGuy2667d ago

I'm glad, and I can't believe how cool Gearbox is being with this.

I only wish other people would be more understanding, like Square Enix with Chrono Resurrection.

Fan games are just tributes and the makers won't be getting a dime, yet they are pledging their time for their passion, for free.

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