iPad Beats Gaming Consoles as Most Desired Electronic This Holiday

This news should come of no surprise considering that over 3 million iPads sold in only 3 months of its release. The iPad is the new trend, if your grandma wants an iPad, then you know the product is a hit. But what about the kids’ holiday wishes? Gaming consoles are sure to beat the iPad as most desired among kids, right? Wrong!

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2645d ago
Chupa-Chupa2645d ago

iPad has so much potential. Have you seen Rage HD on this thing? Amazing!

Akagi2644d ago

For the price of an iPad, you could build yourself a good gaming pc.

Just sayin'.

Hideo_Kojima2644d ago

Some people have enough money for both though.

I wouldn't buy one because personally I would rather buy other electronics with that money but IF I had one I would definitely use it daily.

I could imagine myself laying on the couch or the train or in the car (not while driving :P) and using an iPad.

rjdofu2644d ago

But I'm pretty sure only a very small percentage of people buy it for gaming. Most of them buy it for something elses, either to support their developer or using it as a bigger iPod touch.

sak5002645d ago

I have 2 iphone 4s one 16gb (will giv to my fiancee after i unlock my 32gb) and the new one 32gb locked. Great phones and gaming platform.

Hideo_Kojima2644d ago

and I just bought this new black jeans last night...
They are really nice I have never owned black jeans before.

Hideo_Kojima2644d ago

and I just bought this new black jeans last night...
They are really nice I have never owned black jeans before.

You remind me of this guy:

chriski3332644d ago

who the hell cares shut up stupid

joffa812644d ago

i agree i have and iphone 4 16GB and was very sceptical on how good a gaming platform it was until i took the plunge. there are some really awesome games on the iphone and ipad that can compete both graphically and in terms of playability with dedicated handheld gaming platforms.

saying that i dont think they will ever replace a dedicated handheld console but they can be on a equal and a great additional platform.

my biggest issue is that both the iphone 4 and ipad are almost the same in terms of power and tech under the hood infact the iphone 4 has more ram (512mb compared to 256mb in the i pad)and the iphone has a higher resolution screen, yet most the HD versions of games are released on Ipad and the iphone 4 gets stuck with a slightly blurry upscaled versions.

Apple should allow the iphone 4 to access the ipad apps and then we could all use the iphone 4 to its full HD potential.

LightofDarkness2644d ago

As the little joke goes:

How do you know if somebody has an iPhone?

They WILL tell you.

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Nihilism2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Apple sucks. For the cost of an i-pad you can buy a full blown laptop.

1 button mouses and Mp3 players ( oops I mean AC3 players ) with massive failure rates FTW!


I'd like to know what the point is. The ONLY reason people use mac is for the propriety music and video editing programs.


A mac does not have proprietry hardware and hasn't had for about 10 years. SO why would ANYONE buy a mac when they can build a PC twice as fast/more storage, bigger/better screen for half the price, and they can they buy Mac OS for >$100 and still do everything mac owners can.

So tell me why anyone needs mac HARDWARE?.

Seriously, you can buy any laptop, install Mac OS and bam, mac interface, mac programs, half the price.

Raptura2644d ago

That's not the point. That's the same argument PC fanboys give when arguing against Mac. Who cares that you can build a more powerful PC? That. is. not. the. point.

Bobbykotickrulesz2644d ago

MACs are overpriced, but are generally well built and work without problems.

visualb2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Major - I agree

people have the right to sh*t on Apple, they've turned really big recently and everything big gets hated on, especially when they cater to a specific market and neglect others (price, design, style, etc)

however, to say that a Mac is sh!t is ignorant beyond ignorance.

I have good friends that a super tech nerds (and PC lovers), and they admit that macs have their strong points and weak points

a mac and a PC aren't better or worst than eachother ultimately, it just depends what you want to do with it.

fact is, movie post processing, recording and so on has been done on Mac's for years simply due to the stability and video processing power, however, no one uses Mac's for financial processes...its absurd.

I don't care how good you are with PC or informatics. If you ever complain about a mac or OSX is shows you only know about PC's, and not both, thus showing your very skewed and narrow mindedness.

real techies appreciate both platforms for what the offer.

I do agree though, they are way over priced =( and as a designer that uses Macs, I absolutely loathe Apple for that...

Ducky2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


Real tecchies gloat about Linux/Unix and FreeBSD.

I don't have any problem with Apple directly, but its the people that use Apple products that get on my nerves. Most of them simply think expensive is better, and hey, it's fashionable.

Moentjers2644d ago

sure, as pure work/development/gaming platform, iPad doesn't compete. It was never ment to use it that way.

But I won't change my iPad for a laptop anymore for using it in the living room. No lid to open, long battery life, everything from my server accesible where and when I want it to be.

Even if people buy it as bookreader/videostreamer/brows er, you will quickly find lots of cheap games on it. Those are the people that would never buy a PSP or 3DS but now still get a lot of games.

More games sold, more developers on the market, and maybe that the guys that brought us Angry Birds one time be able to compete with the current console-developers...

Bolts2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I love my ipad for the same reasons. What people don't understand is that the ipad isn't meant to replace your PC or your laptop. Its a budy for your PC and laptop, it goes places where they can't and it's ready to use as soon as you pick it up. I used to roll out of bed and boot up my PC for Facebook and general internet browsing. Now I just I can take care of those quick needs while I'm still in bed.

miasma2644d ago

@ Nihilism

I am not agreeing or disagreeing with you, but just an FYI, Apple hasn't had a one button mouse since 2005. From then until recent at least, the Apple mice have been four customizable buttons even though you cannot see them. Just helping you jump forward a few years :)

Active Reload2644d ago

I didn't know the iPad was a laptop. And people know the difference between an iPad and laptop, so why mention a laptop? Thats just like someone is in the mood for a hotdog and someone suggests a hamburger. They want a hotdog, why the f*ck is hamburger in this conversation?

visualb2644d ago

because some people feel empowered and superior for suggesting the hamburger, no matter how irrelevant it is.

they might even suggest a hamburger when someone is in the mood jazz music, or going for a walk.

its a self-assertion thing...don't ask me how, I don't get it either...

BYE2644d ago

"Why anyone needs mac HARDWARE?"

Built quality and design. You can't find laptops that are made of glass and metal anywhere else for that price.

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