Why Nathan Fillion Should not play Nathan Drake

Article discusses why Nathan Fillion may not be an appropriate choice to play Nathan Drake, even though we all want to Captain Mal Reynolds back in action...

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Urahara2645d ago

Hated Firefly and don't remember much about it. Plus many people never bothered to watch Firefly, with that said it's a pretty weak argument for keeping Fillion away from the Drake role.

SuicidalTendencies2645d ago

You hated Firefly but don't remember much about it? Then how do you know you hate it? I personally wouldn't want to see Nathan play this role simply because it's beneath him. He deserves better than some sh!tty Uncharted game movie that's will bomb in theaters like most game movies do.

Lyr1c2645d ago

Wow, that's an extraordinarily positive outlook on the future of this movie. /s

Give the damn thing a chance.

Dac2u2645d ago

I don't know about you, but I tend to put a mental block on the games/movies I hate. I end up remembering what I thought about the movie after watching it, rather than the specific parts. I don't remember the pain when I had to get stitches in my leg, but I sure as hell remember not liking it very much.

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farhsa20082645d ago

What a stupid reason, the guy is Nathan Drake in every way

SynGamer2645d ago

James Roday as Nathan Drake, been saying it for over a year now :D

Jdash242645d ago

He and Nathan Fillion are the only two actors I'd like to see as Nathan Drake.

BYE2645d ago

James Roday is a better pick than Fillion in my opinion. But it's gonna be Marky Mark, we cannot change that.

Dac2u2645d ago

Wow, I never thought of him and I totally agree now, James Roday(I love Psych) would make a great Nathan Drake. I think they'd need to make him a bit taller though.

SynGamer2644d ago

If he slimmed down just a tad bit and toned up (again, just a tad bit), I think he would be fine with the proper casting. Mark Walberg is roughly the same height so I don't see the problem :)

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poopoojames2645d ago

Adam Sandler is clearly the best suited for this role.

newhumanbreed2645d ago

It's hard to choose between him and Will Ferrell. They are both perfect for the role as Nathan Drake

acky12644d ago

Alan from the Hangover is a great shout too...

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