GameZone: Splatterhouse Review

"Have you ever wondered what a video game would be like if the developer never held back on the gore or violence? Perhaps it could be littered with decapitations, excessive blood spilt all over the environment and countless limbs tore off of unlucky enemies. If that sounds enticing then Splatterhouse should be right up your alley as it doesn’t hold back any punches and goes beyond the normal conventions of being a mature-rated title."

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2671d ago
TheSanchezDavid2671d ago

This was a pretty predictable outcome.

barefootgamer2671d ago

I love horror games, but not for the gore. I'll take a Silent Hill over a Splatterhouse any day.

DemonStration2669d ago

I guess it's not so bad if you think of it like "Splatterhouse Collection"

But then that means you have to play this crappy game :(