GameZone: Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Review

"Noble Map Pack is here and it’s a welcome addition to the Bungie downloadable content family that ranks up there with Halo 3’s Legendary and Mythic Map Packs."

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barefootgamer2517d ago

Didn't even realize this was out. Might have to look into it!

Eternus2517d ago

It's not out, it comes out November 30th.

kaveti66162517d ago

I don't agree with the description. Halo 3's Mythic map pack was uber lame in my opinion. The legendary map pack was a mixed bag. I hated Blackout but liked the other maps.

From what I've seen this map pack for Reach is excellent, but again, for those of you who aren't major Reach fans, I'd recommend saving your gamerpoints for something else. I'll definitely buy this map pack soon, as Bungie or MS will most likely force me into doing so by locking me out of some game modes.

munish232517d ago

I don't think they are doing that this time around. I think I read somewhere where they said that they will just have a system to know if all the players have the map then give it as an option.

gypsygib2516d ago

I've tried so hard to like Halo's MP but I can't. I'm just a military shooter fan - BFBC, COD, Killzone. The SP was fun and has some of the best gameplay for FPS games SP, especially on Legendary

p_weezy4152516d ago

I just brought a 360 and just started Halo: Reach. The new maps look awesome, but I am looking forward to Breakpoint. I like bigger maps because there's more space to play and snipe.

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