Gran Turismo 5 receives positive reception – review analysis

Gamer.Blorge writes: "Its been three days since the behemoth Gran Turismo 5 has been released and overall the game has garnered positive reception from various media outlets across the globe. The reviews are still trickling in, but things are looking good for Gran Turismo 5’s first week."

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JustSomeLog1c2608d ago

A quote...How did I know that you were
going to bypass the giant elephant
in the room which is the fact that
GT5 was supposed to be ps3s
jewel in the crown but has been a
massive let down? The game is
averaging mid 80′s reviews.
Hand picking 8 review quotes and
as Carl pointed out you edit out
the negatives lol.

acedoh2608d ago

GT5 has not only managed to bring my love of gaming back but also my love of cars. Kaz has such a love for what he does you can see it in the product he creates. This is not fastfood. This is 5 star restaurant quality wrapped in a six course meal.

I had my brother play today and he is not a fan of racing games in general. After a few races with a G25 wheel he was having fun. Just goes to show you that something this immersive can be fun for anyone. When you have the chance to race just about every car you could dream of in all different weather conditions really makes this more fun than a true sim.

Dark-Cloud2607d ago

same here :D .. i don't like cars but gt5 changed that :D .. i even wash my brothers cars adter playing gt5 XD .. i go out with them alot just because of gt5 XD ..

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Cevapi882608d ago

i like how people this gen are used to games that last 5 to 10 hours and when they are done with them they get rave reviews for being so GREAT

but then you get a game like GT5 that will take a massive amount of time to complete and people bitch about it

MAJ0R2608d ago


I have a feeling that PD implemented level 40 damage to see if the reviewers would actually play the game, not the hype

AceofStaves2607d ago

It's similar to those who complain about games being too easy this gen, and then, when a game like "GT5" comes out - one that actually expects you to hone your driving skills in order to succeed - people complain that it alienates the gaming masses by being a driving sim, rather than an arcade racer.

MidnytRain2608d ago


Nihilism2608d ago

lol, if you said that in RL you would totally be the coolest cat around /s

guzman2608d ago

Lol! Oh Nihilism, a few more comments like that and you won't be saying much of anything anymore on this site. Of course, til you engage another new account. You won't have to keep reusing that avatar however, the smug, pretentious rantings of someone who probably enjoys the smell of his/her's own farts will be enough to identify you.

DaTruth2607d ago

He'll just bubble up his own DChalfont account!

Openly using the same avatar kinda gave that away.

Ducky2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

You two realize that you look more immature than him, right?

Then again, the internet is serious business.

DaTruth2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I have been notified by the owner of the account that this is his only account and he just changed the name.

If it were not for the rude manner of the notification, the apology would have been given here.

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