Rocksteady talk Vehicles, Robin and Boss Battles in Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill sits down with the guys from GamesTM and discusses boss battles, vehicles and a certain side-kick.

“When we started out on Arkham Asylum, our two real touchstones were to make a game that was as authentic as possible, and also a game that was great fun to, and to combine these two things. And out priorities are the same for Arkham City”

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BeOneWithTheGun2673d ago

Great read. Sounds like Batman AC has not jumped the shark. Just one question...MORE SCARECOW????????

KratosGIRL2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )


Sunny_D2673d ago

Play the first one to find out or just read the comics. :)

xTruthx2673d ago

or just see the first batman movie...

zireno2673d ago

@Sunny_D , xTruthx

I've done all of the above and I don't know who is scareCOW :) is he some sort of evil farmer?

wat6342673d ago

Vehicles, In my batman?

In all seriousness, a pretty good read.

Horny Melon2673d ago

If they are following any type of canon Robin better be a girl.

Max Power2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I just hope the Bosses are more challenging in their own right, not the increasing waves of peons that mask the patterns and weaknesses that were evident in the first one.

EDIT: That was my only gripe with the game, either way I can't wait to get the second one on day one.

KongRudi2672d ago

No.. I hate boss-fights that are to hard.
Make it harder on the harder difficulties, if they have to.
Not on easy, I want to complete the games, but it suck when I get stuck and don't manage to progress onwards, wich sometimes happens in boss-fights.

In the first Batman, I got stuck on that flower-chick.. :P Couldn't survive long enough to kill her..

Same shit happened in Vanquish, couldn't defeat the first(!) boss, when I managed to live long enough, I didn't have enough ammo, and had to ruin downstairs with the boss, searching for ammo ammongst the dead soldiers.. :-/
If I spend more than 2 hours on a boss, without managing to progress, I usually move onto something else.

Spent longer time in Batman tough, but concidering that in Vanquish the first boss were slaughtering me, i gave that game up after a hour and a half.

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