XBOX 360 Transforming D-Pad Controller Review

We Got This Covered takes a look at the new XBOX 360 transforming D-Pad controller. Fans have been asking for it for a while now but at a $59.99 price point, is it worth it? Find out here.

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Doctorofreality2609d ago

XBox can't get it right the first time...another thing...LOL

THe fact they have to revisit their basic setup is so funny.

SonyNGP2609d ago

The same can be said for both Sony (Sixaxis to DualShock 3) and Nintendo (Wii Remote + Motion Plus to Wii Remote Plus).

SmokexFFx2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

"rumble is soooooo last gen."

Anyone looking for a new 360 controller, just wait a bit longer...

f7897902609d ago

Lol at the disagrees Ahmedz. How dare you take an unbiased aproach! :P

Blacktric2609d ago

Is there a specific release date for Onza yet?

Sunny_D2609d ago

Damn, that controller is sick smokexFFX. Reminds me of the original xbox!

im-12-years-old2609d ago

Razer is so good at making ricer mice/controllers

eferreira2609d ago

yup everyone makes mistakes, I remember when microsoft said hdmi wasnt needed.

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BeOneWithTheGun2609d ago

The only thing I don't get is the color choosing for the buttons. All shades of gray? I know that a letter is assigned to each one but for new 360 owners playing a game with a QTE that uses the colors to give instructions, it could be confusing.

I mean, when you need to jump fast is it going to say, "hit light grey, no, the other light grey!"

f7897902609d ago

I didn't notice that. Seems weird that they would do that.

-Alpha2609d ago

It's such a stupid decision. It made no sense to do that. It's like they intentionally decided to screw something up that should have never got touched in the first place

Active Reload2609d ago

This controller is for the "core" 360 owners. Seeing as though, the casuals aren't going to buy extra pads and if they do, then they'll more than likely buy the cheaper standard one, that goes for $35 as opposed to this new one thats $64.

NecrumSlavery2609d ago

At least the D-Pad is fixed. Less issue like in Fallout, where you push the D-pad up/right to get a rocketlauncher and instead it reads down/left for a 2x4 with a nail in it.

-Alpha2609d ago

I hated the DPAD. Made functioning the 360 dashboard an annoyance.

The new dpad seems better but they should have made it more like PS3.

LilMissGoddess2609d ago

alpha male- ugh i just gotta ask but i bet you are the only one in the world that navugates the 360 dashboard with the d-pad.

hahahahahha that was funny to read man. peace.

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-Alpha2609d ago


Right, because listening to your fans is a bad thing now?

I'm still hoping Sony offers a redesign of the controller for fans complaining about size.

I love the 360 controller, wish my SIXAXIS was a little better.

The DS2 was so much better than the DS3-- much better analog grip and resistance.

The 360 controller is the one thing MS did right in hardware this gen

PR0X12609d ago

Well HDMI is not needed really. The original HD cables that you got with the 360 elite where exactly the same quality as HDMI.

I like this controller very much might get it from ebay as it's not released in Europe yet :'(

Chug2609d ago

Did you just say component cables are just as good as HDMI? Wow, I'm not even sure what to say or where to start.

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INFECTED5032609d ago

can't wait till a store here gets these! need a new controller and that d-pad video on Inside Xbox made this look great!

A Cupcake for Gabe2609d ago

a marketing video made it look great? no way?

Selling a barely improved controller at a higher price is bullcrap. It's the same as a game.

INFECTED5032609d ago

strange a controller by itself is $50 & play and charge is $20. yet $64.99 for the new controller and a play and charge kit is more?

A Cupcake for Gabe2609d ago

you have to pay twenty dollar to charge it?

Active Reload2609d ago

Walmart has them because thats were I got the price references that I used in my first comment. Unless you don't have a Walmart near you.

LilMissGoddess2609d ago

cupcake there doesn't know how to do math, please pardon him....all he knows his being a sony fanboy trying to troll on you.

i will say though they should sell this one without the kit for less, ya know giving another option. but whatever, if you want to get it go ahead man i think it would be better myself.


mrv3212609d ago

My main problem with any controller is no built in battery, it should be standard it's just so convenient.

T9X692609d ago

This one only comes with a built in battery.

INFECTED5032609d ago

per major nelson:

it only comes with play and charge. so it has the same battery has the other controller

T9X692609d ago

Do you know what play and charge is? It's a rechargeable battery.

blahblahblah22609d ago

Its not a built in battery, its still removable and bulky.

thegreatest78842609d ago

I need a new controller so this one might be it

HelghastDrake2609d ago

Ok guys, this is BS. This is just more proof that anything MS gets high scores no matter what! I have this controller, it looks better but thats about it. The D-Pad still feels and plays exactly the same and is still TERRIBLE for fighting games.

I have Mortal Kombat VS DC universe for both consoles. On the PS3 i can pull off fatalities almost EVERY match, but on the 360 with this "new" D-Pad i have yet been able to pull off a fatality.

hennessey862609d ago

to stick to ps3 for fighting games then but for anything else ie fps, racing and 3rd person etc the 360 controller is still king.

BiggCMan2609d ago

No it's all a matter of opinion. I prefer the dualshock over the xbox 360 controller for everthing, even FPS. It's all opinion so no need to hate. We are all human, with different likings.

poopoojames2609d ago

dualshock for everything except shooters, shooters best played with keyboard and mouse. 360 controller best for everything casual.

hennessey862609d ago

not hating mate i just prefer the 360 pad i have quite big hands so its more comfatable for long sessions. I do like the dual shock but like i said i prefer the 360 pad for comfort reasons. sorry for sounding like a troll, not intended

ThanatosDMC2609d ago

The 360 controller and the DS3 are about the same size. Maybe you're thinking about the old giant xbox controllers till they slimmed it down to match the ps controllers. There was an article about it.

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