Kinect Web Browsing Looks Like Minority Report

Some folks from MIT's media lab Fluid Interfaces Group figured out a way to get javascript to work with Kinect.

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bageara2792d ago it doesnt. lol

rroded2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

so they got it recognizing an open hand vs a fist def good stuff but they need to get it reading fingers b4 its even close to practical imo.

n @ ^ agree at best a poor mans minority report...

karl2792d ago

i dont like kinect but.. it could recognize fingers trough the normal CAM not the 3d one...
the only to sense depth ..

well.. it could be done.. but i think it would take much power away from the console itself..

and it wont be perfect...

i still dont see a game aplication but i could turn out really awesome for pc..

NecrumSlavery2792d ago

Check this out. This is a little bit more indepth into Sci-Fi.

Lightsaber2792d ago

its a nice start but needs work probably cant be done unless you can use your fingers

Rush2792d ago


Why I have nothing against Move lets not pretend it has any practical use outside of gaming because it simply doesn't.

I have seen plenty of potentially useful uses for Kinect outside of gaming. I mean it's even being looked at from a military standpoint in some areas.

What are they going to do with Move ask the Taliban to hold the remote why a machine gun fitted with an eyetoy shoots at them?

8-bit2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

WHY doesn't any one realize that as cool as this may seem, it is the most unpractical method of controlling any type of interface... This is NOT an improvement in any way shape or form compared to a keyboard and mouse. Same goes for gaming, Kinect is not an improvement compared to a physical controller and buttons.. It's just not

It looks so awkward and inaccurate. Not to mention it takes so much longer to do simple tasks that we can already do much faster.

karl2792d ago


ok . im going to reply this the next time someone says that..
dude "kinect has many uses outside gaming unlike move?"
m8.. kinect is the device.. its the name MS uses to market a peripheral
a peripheral that has technology that by no means has nothing to do with kinect...

this technology existed without the need of MS.
they developed Software to make it work better cuz the hardware is weak...

the ARMY wont use an xbox CPU to make a 3d camera work..
so they wont have problems of lag or anything else

this thing is cheap.. we all know it .. it could work properly with a better hardware...

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ct032792d ago

Indeed it doesn't. In Minority Report, Tom Cruise wears a data glove with small lights on his fingertips.

If you added that to your hand, Kinect would have no trouble at all tracking the lights and your fingers. But it's impractical.

TheLastGuardian2792d ago

Those TV's are awesome. Don't know If I'd wanna play games on one though.

Anon19742792d ago

"Kinect Web Browsing Looks Like Minority Report"

From the early 90's and hard to follow?

chainer30002792d ago

I still think this is cool - and this is coming from someone with ZERO interest in the Wii, Move, or Kinnect. The fact that this tech is being used in interesting ways just shows how the video game industry is a major player in the pushing of innovative tech use.

years from now, it will be refined. While I think all this motion BS is a gimmick, I think this application is worthwhile and cool. I'm officially interested in non-gaming motion tech. If this was done with just the kinnect, imagine what can be done with propriety hardware with just one application: OS motion manipulation.

birchoff2792d ago

I agree. Also imagine using this technology with 3D where you could almost touch the objects on the screen, moving them around and so fort.

rdgneoz32792d ago

"where you could almost touch the objects on the screen, moving them around and so fort". You just described Tumble.

As for the topic, years from now when its refined, it will be pretty sick.

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oguzsasi2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Fail! Keyboard and mouse always the best unless they made a device that can read our minds! When we think a sentence then we see it on screen that moment! That is revolution. Kinect is a fail!

R2D22792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

You wearing your hat like that is a big fail.

wwm0nkey2792d ago

Pretty cool video, would be interesting to use atleast.

N4GAddict2792d ago

Kinect has a lot of potential if you look at the hacks for it

Jrome2792d ago Show
N4GAddict2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Microsoft should just released Kinect for PC as well with all the hacks

mrv3212792d ago

Ironically they where using Ubuntu...

Axecution2792d ago

lol Ubuntu with a mac keyboard too. xD

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