Stop complaining about GT5

“You mad bro?” That’s what I’ve been telling gaming fans out there who have been banking on some of the flaws of Gran Turismo 5. Like many other highly anticipated titles, any little flaw upon release would trigger a series of negative comments.

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kasasensei2522d ago

Stop complaining, deal with the flaws!

Speed-Racer2522d ago

not rly a matter of dealing with flaws but not going on an all out candy fueled rage fest.

Hideo_Kojima2521d ago

I have been playing it every day since Monday and I have barely scratched the surface...

Last night I started playing a couple of the special races.

DavidBanner2522d ago

No deal with the simulation.That you have to work to acquire good cars and have the satisfaction in doing that.

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The story is too old to be commented.