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Talk about Sony exclusives and a handful of titles always appear at the top of the list. The Gran Turismo series is one of them and after five years in development, numerous crushed hopes due delay announcements and painful teases ranging from a full on “prologue” game to announcements of 3D compatibility, it is finally, at long last here. And it is a great game. But not a game for everyone, and certainly not a perfect game.

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Game-ur2670d ago

A lot of reviewers played this game a lot in the past years before release. That’s why they missed the excitement that regular gamers got, and they unprofessionally didn’t take that into consideration.

Sony should keep the press away until games are close to release, and only give them very little and limited hands on time before review copies.

Strange_Evil2670d ago

Ya and the knuckle heads at Sony should also deliver the games to the reviewer at least 1-2 week before the release and not 2-3 days before the end of embargo and that too when the embargo ends ON THE DAY OF RELEASE.

I am damn sure it pissed off many reviewers that they were given an RPGesq game to be reviewed in 2 nights and that too to add to the misery, the servers went down or were unreliable and hardly anyone could test the online aspects which created even more bad press about the game.

I respect sites taking their time and reviewing the game, but such a thing shouldn't be repeated for any high profile game hence forth. It's as if Sony themselves sabotaged the game to some extent.

PirateThom2670d ago


The fact is they didn't get the game 1-2 weeks before hand, they got it 2-3 days. They were in such a rush to get their reviews out there' glaring errors in said reviews because they blantantly didn't play the game to any great degree.

I'm not saying Sony aren't at fault here, there's no way a review copy for such a demanding and deep game should have been in the hands of reviewers that late, but that's where the cards fell. Why did they take so little time in their rush to be first?

Ducky2670d ago

Hits. The person with the first review gets the most traffic.
They have to be quick.

Professionalism takes a back seat when cutting shortcuts nets better profits.

despair2670d ago

I'm assuming GameTrailers and Gamespot are going to put up a review eventually, right now I have a lot more respect for both their websites for not wanting to rush the review out the gate for hits and they seem to be taking the time to actually play the entire game. The scores they give will not change that, high or low.

Strange_Evil2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Thats the whole point. I ain't being a devils advocate and not blaming the sites, hell the sites which came out with the review just 1 day after they received the copy shouldn't even be counted credible, but Sony should have been more responsible.

I dunno who is to blame since I don't know who was responsible for distributing the game (Poly or Sony), but whoever it was, did a very unprofessional job. How can you expect such a high profile game, such a HUGE game content wise to be reviewed just 2 days prior to release!!! And please don't give me the reason that all sites should have waited 1-2 weeks after launch to review, it's unrealistic.. Didn't happen with SOCOM, didn't happen with MAG and sadly didn't happen with GT5.. I thought Sony would have understood that by now.

I could have let Sony slip if they were working till the last minute to polish the game, but the street date was broken nearly a week before release, so there was no valid reason to not ship the game to the reviewers at least a week in advance.

It just gave the reviewers who were scavenging for hits a reason to chop score...

Broken online... hmm -1
Long load times due to menus not loading... hmm -1
And slap an 8.

And THE GAME NEEDED A PUBLIC BETA!!!! Then the online wouldn't be broken at launch.

DaTruth2670d ago

Can't they take as long as they want to review the game? Nobody is forcing them to push it out the door in 2 days!

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JustSomeLog1c2670d ago

Lol i'm sorry, what?? Now you're saying that they've had too much time with the game? Lol. I have heard it all now

cemelc2670d ago

Who cares if they have the game an hour b4 the embargo, you take youre time to review it, and you do it right, if they took points over that, then they are not professionals at all.

Shazz2670d ago

3rd review today thats been a 9/10 and a 8.8 review aswell , great stuff .

JustSomeLog1c2670d ago

Dude, you've been saying that since day 1. The score is still 8.6 did you miss the 7?

Shazz2670d ago

so im not allowed to say 4 great scores a great now lmao gtfo TROLL

cliffbo2670d ago

it's lucky that GT5 got worse reviews than was thought and Kinect got better reviews than was thought... handy that.

redsquad2670d ago

Lucky for whom? The death of serious gaming?

DaTruth2670d ago

They spent $500,000,000 for those reviews!

Ducky2670d ago

All the reviews voice the same criticism.... but some give a different score than others...

... or maybe I'm doing it wrong. Maybe I should just look at the numerical score instead of reading it. =/

CrzyFooL2670d ago

GT 5 is the same as all the other GT's. If you like GT, you will like this. What's all the arguing about!?

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