Possible Day One Sales Of The GT5 Bundle in Japan

According to this Japanese website day one sales of the Limited Edition Titanium Blue PS3/Gran Turismo 5 bundle ( which costs ¥7,980 ) came in at 40k

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sinncross2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Strong PS3 bundle sales for day 1. GT5 should do well week 1 in Japan.

But wow poor Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll... should of delayed its release in Japan by at least a week Tecmo

Game-ur2764d ago

I really want Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll to be a good game, waiting for anyone who played it to fill us in.

NecrumSlavery2764d ago

JP PSN demo was weak. I cant find JRPGs as enjoyable this gen like I did last.

Kahvipannu2764d ago


Try Lost Odyssey, best Jrpg I have played this gen.

And good sales for GT5-bundle, not that I'm going to get dime from it.. :D

Knushwood Butt2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

This would appear to be the sales from a single store. Not 40K, but 40 units. Just like the games listed are the number of games sold, not in their thousands.

For example, Mario Sports Mix on Wii sold 3 copies.

Regardless, a single independent store like this shifting 40 units of the GT5 bundle is pretty impressive.


I'm reading directly from the source site:

yourfather2764d ago

well,and thats not GT5 PS3 bundle,just litimed edition
but still great

Knushwood Butt2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Furthermore, I've just noticed that this has nothing to do with the bundle at all: it is simply sales of the limited edition version of the game from one store.

Gran Turismo 5 Limited Lauch Edition sold 40 copies.

All that can be drawn from this blog is that GT5 (software only) sold very well compared to the other new releases of the same day.

@ yourfather

You just beat me to it as I was typing this! Well spotted. I need more coffee.

KwietStorm2764d ago

The silent Isn't that the assassin from Demons Souls?

wissam2764d ago

The backstabbing son of....

Lazyeye792764d ago

According to Google ¥7,980 = roughly $95 US dollars. Either Google is way wrong or that is way cheap.

Shikoro2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

I googled and in every news post I read (2 of them XD) it says that the bundle is ¥35,980 (US$ 420). Wrong info in the article...

Shazz2764d ago

wow 40k ps3 bundles sold on day 1 thats excellent, should be about 50 or 60k for the week maybe more on bundles . cant wait to see europes sales of the gt5 bundles next week coz theres a couple floating around on net

2764d ago
MajestieBeast2764d ago

Yurt the silent chief is a bitch.

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