3DS is Now Available for Preorder

Default Prime: "So, I walked into EBgames today, looking to pick up a PSN card. I made an inquiry about a DS game, and when they searched in the system, lo and behold, the 3DS had become available for preorder.

Needless to say, I immediately put down 25 bucks. As one of those lucky fuckers who had a launch day Wii, I know first hand how hard it is to get your hands on a preorder for an awesome upcoming Nintendo system. And now that I’m on the other side of this industry, I can totally do my part in making it harder for YOU by telling the whole internet, secure in the knowledge that mine is reserved. Ain’t life grand?"

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firefoxprime2553d ago

Say What!!!???

Dude. I'm going straight the Gamestop right before I go to work. Oh Yeah!

KeenanTheSavage2553d ago

I know man same here; so stoked to finally get closer to getting my hands on it! =D

iamtehpwn2553d ago

A preorder with no final price? ;\
I'll feel more comfortable preordering when I can know the final price, but I'm still the most excited for this device than any nintendo hardware in years.

Malicious2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I'm going to wait until the PSP2 gets shown off first. No point in blindly buying the newest handheld/console when the competition hasn't shown off what they have to offer. Doing crazy things like that is what suckered me into buying a 360 in the first place.

firefoxprime2553d ago

Ya...well they're takin to long.

Stealth20k2553d ago

nintendos been the handheld king for 20 years and that they will remain

PlayerX2553d ago

Lol Sony fanboys can't accept that Nintendo is king.


ill leave you to your shovelware games then.
i own a wii but only certain games appeal to my taste.
ex: mad world, resident evil, silent hill, mario galaxy, new super mario WII, etc etc.
a majority of the WII's games are meant to be kid friendly and that doesn't help out the hardcore audience.

Billy_Dee_Williams2553d ago

Yea Im with you. Ill wait and see how promising the PSP2 looks before I spend any money on a 3DS

George Sears2553d ago

The 3DS has an incredible line up of first and third party games. Even if the PSP2 is better in terms of graphics and what not that won't convince me into getting it this time around if it doesn't have an incredible catalogue of games like the 3DS.

I'm just sold with Ocarina of Time remake and MGS3D alone. Let's see if Sony has something interesting to counter by just these two for me.

metsgaming2553d ago

im sure if the psp2 comes out around a similar time that many of those games will be on the psp2 also.

Trroy2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I never count ports as part of a launch lineup. That's like counting the entire PS1 library as part of the PS3 launch lineup, because the PS3 effectively does FSAA on PS1 titles, so they look better.

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jay22553d ago

Now, hopefully someone can find somewhere in the UK to pre-order?

jay22553d ago

Waiting for the PSP 2 are we disagreer? can't afford both, aw poor you.... And Amazon won't take pre-orders untill an OFFICIAL release date

Vinushka2553d ago

I know, right? I'm hoping GAME or Gamestation have it available to pre-order soon, too. I can't wait for the 3DS. :)

Matthew942553d ago

come on amazon! were waiting

poopoojames2553d ago

can't wait for this. I'm getting 2.

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