Video: Gran Turismo 5 goes live-action in Paris

AB: "Sony and Polyphony Digital pulled off an interesting stunt to advertise their newest creation – unleashing a hoard of exotic racers on the unsuspecting Champs Élysées in Paris, complete with genuine pit stops."

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Xusuyzus2645d ago

Beautiful cars,.. almost made me tear up,..

Sunny_D2645d ago

Damn, now that's what you call advertising. Man, all of those people will definitely know what GT5 is with those logo's plastered over the cars. But, it seems like they were racing in normal traffic? Lol, kind of dangerous, don't you think?

moparful992644d ago

Dangerous or not that video was epic! If I was meandering about my business one day and suddenely a pack of high end sports cars with gran turismo logos plastered all over them came screaming by then I would officially be at peace with my own mortality.. Case in point I would die happy...