New Battlefield: Bad Company trailer

IGN is hosting a new trailer of Battlefield: Bad Company, the first Battlefield game that is developed specifically for next-gen consoles.

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Devilbringer4121d ago

Nice trailer looks like a good game

bourner4121d ago

if this game is anywhere as good as the other battlefilds, this game will be insane . shame the video dident realy show much about the game .

DeadlyFire4121d ago

It shows off mostly destrucability. Most parts of the trailer is something getting blown up. Can shoot down trees, blow up anything in both single player and multiplayer so this game will definately be a great game. Blowing up stuff is my favorite thing to do besides sniping someone. :P

I see this game as a less pretty version of what I expect to see in BLACK 2 as far as destructable stuff goes.