PSU Gran Turismo 5 Review

In the five years that have passed since Gran Turismo 4 arrived on PlayStation 2, the team at PSU have experienced all sorts of life changing moments, from births and marriages to deaths and divorces. It really has been that long, hasn’t it? Inevitably, the long gap between GT4 and GT5, a life-time in the fast-moving world of videogames, breeds expectation, and as the release date drew near in the lead up to this latest iteration we couldn't help but wonder, along with many others, what exactly Polyphony Digital has done with its time and whether it has managed to create the ultimate racing sim that the fans demand. Well, the wait is over, almost. After an excruciating 45-minute install - they really do like to make us wait - we don't have to speculate any longer. Take that look of disbelief of your face for one second, because Gran Turismo 5 is a reality

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sigfredod2735d ago

the king is back!!! gt5 finally in my pawns

Chug2735d ago

They're only hurting themselves by missing out on this masterpiece.

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