iWaggle3D - Auditorium HD Video Review

Rising from the indie scene comes this captivating musical puzzler combining colorful Full HD graphics, stereoscopic 3D visuals, cleverly engineered Move controls and deceivingly relaxing melodies to offer an experience like no other on PlayStation 3. No wonder it won tons of awards. Behold Auditorium HD in this video from iWaggle3D explaining it all.

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Death24942790d ago

Reminds me of flower, and is by no means, a bad thing. I'll be buying this title for sure.

Jaces2790d ago

Love the game, just wish the songs where a bit longer once you completed the "stages" so I could sit there for a good couple of minutes staring at the streaming lights. ;P

GraySnake2790d ago

its a fun game..kinda wish i had a 3d tv, but its a nice surprise hit for me at least.

Joni-Ice2790d ago

Hey IWaggle, I love your reviewes. They are amzing, full with info a person may need to decide to buy or not. I wish more and more people to give these type of reviews for games. Keep up the good work.

truegame2790d ago

iWaggle3D thanks for the great reviews. I love the technical aspects of your reviews.

fr0sty2790d ago

Fantastic review man, coming from a fellow reviewer. Very well done. You made me want that game without a single ounce of hype. You simply showed me what I wanted to see. What does it do, and why should I care? No hype, no comparisons, just you and the game. The way reviews should be done.

Imtey2790d ago

Hello iWaggle, or should I say, TTP!

metsgaming2790d ago

everyone bubble up iwaggle for "helpful" he deserves it.

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Jrome2790d ago

Exactly...THIS IS HOW YOU REVIEW A GAME. Not like how GT5 has been reviewed so for 10 mins and then drop a review.

This actually goes in depth. I also liked your The Fight review and Sports Champions review how you explained and SHOWED us where there were problems, or pluses.

I also liked the light test for the Move which stressed under which conditions it would work.

schlanz2790d ago

The game is awesome. $10 is just the right price for this gem

Genecalypse2790d ago

Looks good, Waggle3Ds videos are always informative

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