Will the Wii 2 be in 3D?

With the enthusiastic reception the 3DS has received, you might expect Nintendo to announce a 3D successor to the Wii – but will this be the case?

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CaptainMarvelQ82794d ago

it will, without a doubt be in HD
it's just that they focused on motion controls on the first wii

since they got that part down,they can now go for the graphics
if they didn't then it would rally be outdated graphics with the next gen coming in

imvix2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Even if nintendo decided to use a entry level gpu like a GTX460, it would easily run games in 1080p and 3D.

1080p and 3D are a joke for todays GPUs.

If its only a question of 1080p then even 4 year old hardware like the 8800gtx can run current games in 1080p. Hence 1080p is not something hard. In todays day and age no matter how much a console maker intends to cut cost on GPU if they use anything between 3-4years 1080p will easily be reachable.

velocitygamer2794d ago

Wii 2 in 3D = more morons throwing their controllers at their TV...

AndrewRyan2794d ago

Def imvix! I can spend 200 dollars on a graphics card these days and play at 1080p with maximum graphics. (As long as I have enough memory and a decent processor.) If the Wii is announced this Holiday and comes out next year it should way surpass the PS3 and xbox360.

Substance1012794d ago


PS3 and Xbox 360 are 5 years old now, hence it would be a shame if nintendo makes a new system and is unable to outperform 5 year old tech. Like Imvix said even if Nintendo try to cut costs and make a dam cheap system again it probably will outperform the current console by miles. 5 years in tech terms is very long time.

Lightsaber2793d ago

if the wii 2 is in 3d then its called 3ds

jetlian2791d ago

3D and 1080p are not a joke to todays gpu. Anything can topple any gpu at anytime. You could do 1080p and 3d right now on ps3 and 360 but whats the game gonna look like?! Thats the question

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phatak2794d ago

the wii2 wil be a ps3

xYLeinen2794d ago

Isn't the better questions, "will there be a wii 2?"

meganick2794d ago

Why wouldn't there be? It's the best selling console this generation by far. It may not be called "Wii 2," but a successor is coming eventually.

Darkfocus2794d ago

that's what he's referring to... Nintendos never just added a digit onto a name...

A Cupcake for Gabe2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

3D is tough to call. Nintendo isn't pushing 3D from the main stream like Sony is, but they are using it in the 3DS. I think it is still a good possibility but I think their next console will focus on the visuals and online play.

This may sound like an attack, but I assue it's not. I personally would believe that the Wii 2 will have a lot of GC/Wii games upscaled to it's system. The 1080p zelda, the 60frames in Mario Kart, DLC characters and Maps in Super Smash Bros. The things they missed out on this gen. Hell they could call it the Dolphin. It is technically a Nintendo copyrighted name.

xYLeinen2794d ago

There is a difference between a successor and a wii 2.

A wii 2 is functionality a wii got but boosted in many ways. A successor is something done from the gamecube to the wii for instance where the whole concept is changed.

firefoxprime2794d ago would be a nice step up in technology.

oldjadedgamer2794d ago

I think the only thing we can expect from the wii2 is a low price.

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