Black Ops: The Secret Paths of the RC-XD | Pixel Enemy

Pixel Enemy writes: Take a ride through four of the Black Ops maps with Logan of PMG as he shows off some of the secret paths made specifically for the RC-XD.

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y0haN2791d ago

I don't mind it being in the game but it is really "cheap" at a 3 kill streak, especially since a lot of people that use it use Hardline. It should be a 4 kill streak.

jpod2791d ago

I agree. 3 Kills is too early for this. I would say 4 too or possible 5.

Ducky2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Well, the RC-Car usually only nets you one or two kills, it's like a smart frag gernade.

The SpyPlane (UAV) usually allows you to get more than kills since it just tells you where most of the enemy is hiding at. (and those kills add to your next killstreak)
In that sense, it really isn't that cheap (or atleast, it's not cheap when you realize that almost everything else is cheap too)

killalot1002791d ago

I feel like a noob I didnt even know that it had Well I only used it about 5 times but damn