Gran Turismo 5 Review

Insert the disc into the console of a title such as delayed Gran Turismo 5 has a strange effect, but after so much waiting for a sequel of the most coveted by owners of PlayStation 3 has arrived, bringing with him a load of expectations almost impossible to bear for any product . The promises made by Polyphony Digital are not few, but highly conservative nature of the franchise has not been slow to reveal itself. The new born Yamauchi arrives with arrogance and focuses on features that have made him the object of desire of millions of fans, although the formula fails to take off a dust that accumulated in the five years away from the market.

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So what's the verdict? Three days in — and with many more days left to go — I have to say that while Gran Turismo 5's driving dynamics are better than any other racing game on the market, Forza Motorsport 3's nipping closely at its heels*. And given some of the latter's better (and more clearly labeled) vehicular upgrade options, smoother interaction with AI vehicles, and GT5's installation "challenges" (like a 133 MB required update to make multiplayer mode somewhat usable), Forza Motorsport 3 provides a much more compelling option for a car enthusiast looking to jump into a realistic and entertaining video racing game.

But, if you want to lose yourself for days in the most utterly realistic yet overly-complex driving game ever, pausing only to defecate, urinate, sleep and eat (in no particular order), buy Gran Turismo 5.

Or, do what I did. Buy both.

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