Sony: Lonely at the Top

One good question deserves another, so it's fitting that in a week when Sony managed to tackle a long-standing question mark over the firm's videogame division by finally launching Gran Turismo 5, an even bigger question popped its head above the parapet. As reported by Bloomberg and picked up by specialist press the world over, the question is simple - who's next in line to run the whole company?

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saint_john_paul_ii2670d ago

Kaz needs to be at the top. its the only way country like Japan can be more friendly to an online connected social service. and Kaz has experience with that.

HarryMonogenis2670d ago

Kevin Butler has a lot of experience working for Sony.

I mean, he holds the "Vice President" status in nearly all departments over there. ^_^

showtimefolks2670d ago

i think the way ps3 launched and how bd it was ealy when i didn't have many games to play with they learned fast and since 2007 there have been nostop games AAA games to be fair

whenever we will see a ps4 launch it will be better just because sony was on top ps1-ps2 they thought they could just come out and be on top but now they are focused and before this gen is all set and done ps3 will be the most sold console this gen

don't believe me its been perdicted by all the online experts on gaming

ps3 will be here when MS and nintendo will move on to their next console and taht's why i chose ps3 over xbox360 longterm planning is what i like about sony

WW sony is considered as one of the best electronics companies around

Flashwave_UK2669d ago

so true sony make a console thats here today and ready for tomorow (xbox slim is bull $hitt)

rrw2670d ago

Well i am just thinking. sony need to have balance between eastern and western side. having Japanese president and western ceo and chairman enough for them to have balance

MajestieBeast2670d ago

There can be only 1 man who can run this company Kevin Butler.

slutface2670d ago

Can I run Sony? buahahahah! ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.