Most Underappreciated Games of 2010

There were a lot of awesome games released this year, some were critically acclaimed, while others were ripped apart. It's true that some games this year were deserving of harsh criticism, but there were also some that get picked apart for the smallest most insignificant details. Here's a list of a few games that are the latter.

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xYLeinen2673d ago

I'm kinda interested what you FF fans think about what this guy wrote about FF13 in the article :p (Meaning you actually need to read it)

TANUKI2673d ago

Reading it at the moment, but I'm definitely a minority, when I say that I actually liked FF13.

kratos1232673d ago

i really hated ff13 putted 20 hours into the game and i didnt even have any fun with it.
im playing persona 3 portable now thats a good rpg. shame on SE being beaten be a portable game
also guys when you think your short on rpg get a handheld trully some amazing games on that system

Greek God2673d ago

well 13 was a good game but c'mon not worthy of the name FF !

NeoBasch2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I don't get the hate. I absolutely loved FFXIII; thought it was one of the best games of the year and probably tied as my favorite Final Fantasy along side VIII and X.

Then again, they're both by the same team. Go figure. I like anything that team puts out. Does it make me a fanboy? I don't know, but I always end up falling in love with every one of their games whether I want to or not.

But I like this guy's picks, so I'm willing to give Darksiders and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a shot. : )

EDIT: By the way, just wanted to echo kratos' sentiment. Persona 3 is full of win!

catch2673d ago

I agree with some of the points the battle system was actually quite fun but as far as a Final Fantasy game goes it was not what I wanted or expected. Overall, as many have said, good game-bad Final Fantasy.

I know each FF game changes up the formula a bit but this was just one I didn't particularly like the direction of and hope they go back to the world map and towns type of game.

FACTUAL evidence2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

FF13 wasn't necessarily a bad game, but the standards for it was just under-appreciated. If this game had a different title like, "Legend of reis" (random title) it would have been more appreciated. It's the fact that people have high standards for the FF series, and to be honest, after 10 there was nothing much left of the FF series.

Everyone is looking for the new "FF7" with the up coming generation. A lot of people think FF7 was the closing point of the FF series, and is looking for competition. All I think it takes to be honest is a bad ass emo looking villian, disturbed main character, a nice environment, and an ok plot that has nothing to do with war, or crystals and it will be as good as ff7 in those people's opinion. FF7 is overrated to me TBH but meh..

Dude_2673d ago

FFX was awful, one of the worst entries. The plot was one giant overdramatic cliche, the battle system was dated and boring, the characters were god awful, the only thing the game did well were the visuals. FF went downhill after the seventh game, with 6, 4 and 7 being the best in the series.

2673d ago
Redempteur2673d ago

i agree with the point made on FF13 .

even with the level cap ( that disapeared in chapter 10 mind you ) .. it required only some thought to clear the battle . you really don't have to grind to win battle up to that point and that's a PLUS in my book ( you can focus on the story ) ..

The problem here is that ths tory didn't deliver at that point in time and got finished way too quickly ..
absolutly LOVE ff13 with his battle system but i just can't enjoy it anymore because there is nothing to come back too .

Fhe real flaw of ff13 as a game is the lack of replay value afterwards .. many classics have different paths , or things that keep you going for more .

Gamehard2673d ago

Yeah very true about lack of replay value, but the same can be said about every Final Fantasy game. Once you're done, you're done.

The story wasn't the best, and a bit hard to follow at some points. But the actual characters were very well rounded in my opinion and had excellent development, which other games have lacked in the past.

bananlol2673d ago

At first i thought ff13 was awessome but after a while i got bored with it. It felt like i was stuck in a bloody tuturial. The last straw was the battle with eden, got it down about 5% healt and then out of the blu came a super attack that killed my two healers. And the the game wouldnt let me configure the party so that i could incorporate a sentinel into my battle strategy, apparently lightening had to be in the party. Ive heared that the game opens up once you reach grand pulse, do you people think giving it another shot is worth it?

Redempteur2672d ago

not really in previous FFs there is a strong feeling you can do things in another way .the crystalium was very linear and didnot lot let us customise a character the way you want.

Also previous FF had ( mini games ( gold saucers ) lot of quests ( FF6 , FF5 ) all who got was a series of boss battles similar to what they did in FF12 BUt in FF12 you were completly FREE to explore .. something that is prevented in FF13 by the small scale of the space you can explore in gran pulse .

This is a very good RPG it just wasn't perfect .. nothing wrong with it as a RPG ..but as a FF something was missing.

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Gamehard2673d ago

Wow this article has some pretty good points!

Akagi2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Certainly isn't FF13: Tunnels. The article tries to raise valid points, but ultimately, they don't change my opinion of this dreadful game.

Xwow20082673d ago

FF13 is the worst ff game i ever played.

darthdevidem012673d ago

Someone hasn't played FF2 or FF12.


FF2 was pretty good. Final Fantasy 12 had an amazing storyline, tons of hunting and side quests, and a fun battle system. the only thing i hated in Final Fantasy 12 was the dungeon with 100+ floors D:

NecrumSlavery2673d ago

FF13 was pretty, but it was not really FF. I'd put it in a box with FFX-2 & Mystic Quest

user8586212673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Replace ff13 with enslaved, ff13 was ass and the developers should get shot!!

j-blaze2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

loved FFXIII one of my favorite games this year ...
but they should have added " Nier and Resonance of Fate " two of the most underrated and Underappreciated games this year.

Lavalamp2673d ago

Definitely Nier. It's such a good game.

spectyre2673d ago

I've got 80+ hours in Resonance of Fate. It took about 20 hrs. to get the complex battle system down, but once I did... what a blast.
I haven't played Nier yet and I finished FFXIII. I thought it was a very good game but it seemed like a chore to play through certain sections of the game. To me it wasn't up to "Final Fantasy" standards.

baodeus2673d ago

yes, nier is a great game. The music alone is worth it.

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