TGV: Alien Breed 3: Descent review (Steam/XBLA)

Alien Breed 3: Descent is Team 17 latest entry in the ongoing Alien Breed 3 series. The game's subtitle did indeed prove fitting as this is a descent into mediocrity.

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Herminator2707d ago

So, play Alien Swarm instead?

Herminator2707d ago

Speaking of, we need to play more of that when we have time. Maybe with more TGV people?

PostApocalyptic2707d ago

I'm enjoying Alien Breed: Impact

Sidology2707d ago

It's a good thing Conrad is a badass, or else this series would have sucked entirely.

RustyMagus2706d ago

Even if he is a badass, that's the only thing he's got going for him. He's a brick character. All he does is run around, fix stuff and shoot aliens.