Gran Turismo 5 Sells 1.8 Million Worldwide in 2 days

The enormously anticipated Gran Turismo 5 opened to some huge sales on PS3 this week. In just two days on the market in the Americas and EMEAA and one day in Japan, VGChartz estimates that over 1.8 million copies of the game were sold. Breaking this down by region, over 55% were sold in EMEAA with the remainder equally split between the Americas and Japan.

First week sales are expected to hit around 2.4 - 2.5 million units, which would put sales roughly on par with the last full console installment, Gran Turismo 4 and in the top five openings of all time on PS3.

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sinncross2787d ago


But i expect strong sales for Gt5 week 1 nevertheless

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units2787d ago

if vgchartz isnt trust worthy then why you approve of it

RememberThe3572787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Not at all. If it doesn't violate any submission rules then it's clear for approval. Maybe they just wanted to keep the submissions rolling. The pending section tends to get filled up with a bunch of crap and people like myself just want to help clean it up a little.

That may be why some of them approved it; that's why I would have.

But I have always said that Vgchartz was a good indicator of sales performance. You can't take the numbers at face value but if you round them then they usually represent a rough estimate of sales.

For instance when I see "1.8 million sold" I see it as "close to 2 million sold." I don't take the numbers as fact but as a guide to how well the game did.

gaffyh2787d ago

@Rememberthe357 - Exactly. I don't know why you got so many disagrees when what you are saying is 100% true. I have approved many many stories that I haven't agreed with, because they follow the submission rules. As long as they follow the rules, and are not obvious flamebait sites, then I'm happy to approve (though I didn't approve this story)

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zeeshan2787d ago

The numbers must be higher than state on VGC. Anyway, I hope Sony also moved some PS3 units. I am sure they must have sold a good number of consoles in EUROPE and Japan thanks to GT5!

zag2787d ago

I believe the GT brand is the highest selling brand out of them all.

this would be all wrong anyway as GT4 has sold over 40 million copies itself, that doesn't include GT 1 to 3 sales which are all very high selling games as well.

1.8 million would be far far too small a number for world wide sales.

last week a UK game store chain was bringing in all the warehouse staff just to process GT5 pre-order sales you don't do that if you've only sold a few copies.

I'd say it'd be between 5 and 10 million easy first week sales GT4 did that number quite easy.

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Spider0502787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Vgchartz = 1.8 million(real world 2.5 million)

So it already sold more and faster than Mass Effect on X360 and PC

Sold more than Forza 3(1 month - 1 million, GT5 2 days- 2 million)

Imalwaysright2787d ago

And your point being? Either way both Mass Effect 2 an GT5 are great games that no one should miss.

RememberThe3572787d ago

Mass Effect was an awesome game. It could have sold one copy and that wouldn't change a thing.

Narutone662787d ago

Oh, it's just to shut up the haters. Anyway, amazing number. I hope PS3 also sold very well.

cereal_killa2787d ago

Narutone66 it doesn't shut anyone up thats the problem SALES is only one thing they will nit pick about the Muppet's on this site have been waiting for this game to drop and even before the release date it was claimed a failure these idiots on here have no life they make up multiple accounts and troll every thread on GT5 24/7 they google search GT5 every waking minute trying to find the next thread to insert into N4G so they can troll and troll and troll. And believe me don't get me wrong the Sony fanboys do the same thing its a revolving door and the only one you can blame for all this trash is the MODS they do nothing to stop this crap, this is what give this site it's hits just like any other site they need the trolls to keep this place going its the same reason they allow the useless and no named web sites like VGcharts, HHG, Destuctoid, IGN to name a few to be allowed to be accepted by the trolls to collect hits and this sort of thing will never stop.

JustSomeLog1c2787d ago

So you've mentioned a multiplatform game, goodness knows why, but nothing about Xbox's flagship title. Or is GT no longer Playstation's flagship title? I thought it was going to blow past Halo far it's doing less than ODST

comp_ali2787d ago

Even StarCraft II , PC exclusive sold more than it in the same time.

Primetimebt2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Gran Turismo has always outsold any Halo title or any XBOX title where you been at? The "demo" sold over 5 million what other title do you know that can do that?

Weaksauce11382787d ago

Halo 3 > every GT but 3 as far as sales are concerned. Sorry but facts are facts (if you actually checked)

Muffins12232787d ago

halo is the 2nd biggest entertainment launch of this year(call of duty was number 1 sold a few more million)

badz1492787d ago

"Even StarCraft II , PC exclusive sold more than it in the same time."

you do know that there's millions more PCs available to play SCII on compared to total PS3 sold, right? you didn't bother with facts or you're here simply for trolling? I bet BOTH!

airforcex2787d ago

Doesn't it make more sense to compare it with PS3 games?

B-3122787d ago

Oh yeah i forgot Spider050 the almighty sales guy.

Everyone don't trust VGChartz this guy is legit, he knows the real sales before anyone else.

You know, cause he is a fanboy.

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FACTUAL evidence2787d ago


Because it's a racing game dumb ass....and it was the battle for the "definitive" racer sim..try to use some knowledge.

T9X692787d ago

Sales don't = better game. If that was the case, Wii Sports would be considered the best next gen game.

Biggest2787d ago

Sales are not a clear indicator of the best game. Is there a better racing simulator on consoles though? Feature for feature, pixel for pixel, replay for replay, physics calculation for physics calculation, game mode for game mode. . . Gran Turismo 5 is the best.

FFXI1012787d ago

100% agree with you. Too bad T9X69 can't hear you, he's obviously a troll. He only hears what he wants to.

fr0sty2787d ago

b-but... it's a 7/10! it has too much of that racing sim crap and not enough explosions and crashes and cop cars! it's graphics are terrible! look at that dog on the track, he's PS2 quality!

fr0sty2787d ago

you know, that dog sitting next to the car with half a million polygons in it... yeah. that one.

hiredhelp2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )


vgchartz-But i expect strong sales for Gt5 week 1 nevertheless

wow many of you cant read or pure dumb. it states in 2 days. not a week. wow lets all skip 5 days he he.

as it stads them sales are very good considering the amount of videos and people trying to knock this game. even now. GT fans will always be GT fans same as cod fans always be cod fans.

them numbers will go up thats if these numbers can be trusted.

PostApocalyptic2787d ago

If they report 1.8 MIL, the real number is a bit higher.

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Sanii2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Good numbers

Pedobear Rocks2787d ago

Completely and totally fake numbers. Why is VG STILL getting approvals on here...

This is a huge game for SONY...can we not wait a week and get the REAL numbers from the source...

Also...Polyphony ALWAYS posts their quarterly cumulative sales numbers on their site for the world to see.

Muffins12232787d ago

Also good reviews*says it sarcastically* oh and it dident sale alot if you compare it to call of duty or halo

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darthdevidem012787d ago

Guys guys....GT4 "ONLY" did 3 Million in its Week 1

GT5 is predicted to do 2.5- 2.8 Million by them

Its in line with GT4...remember GT4 came out when PS2 was nearing its end...GT5 is coming out when PS3 is in the middle of its lifespan giving GT5 longer to sell!

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RememberThe3572787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I think GT4 actually under performed. I think GT5 is going to have some serious legs. GT5 has the ability to be patched which GT4 didn't have. Plus there are people like myself and my friends who have yet to pick the game up but will be picking it of in at least a week depending on how the funding works out.

I wouldn't worry about GT5 sales. Sony will make their money and PD will make their sequel.

Rage_S902787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

aint it ironic that ps3 fanboys are playing sales and xbox are playing metacriric....anyway some1 better buy gt5 4 xmas or theirs going to be problems