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Submitted by darthdevidem01 1896d ago | news

Gran Turismo 5 Sells 1.8 Million Worldwide in 2 days

The enormously anticipated Gran Turismo 5 opened to some huge sales on PS3 this week. In just two days on the market in the Americas and EMEAA and one day in Japan, VGChartz estimates that over 1.8 million copies of the game were sold. Breaking this down by region, over 55% were sold in EMEAA with the remainder equally split between the Americas and Japan.

First week sales are expected to hit around 2.4 - 2.5 million units, which would put sales roughly on par with the last full console installment, Gran Turismo 4 and in the top five openings of all time on PS3. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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sinncross  +   1896d ago

But i expect strong sales for Gt5 week 1 nevertheless
yourfather   1896d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(15)
units  +   1896d ago
if vgchartz isnt trust worthy then why you approve of it
Grenadan  +   1896d ago
its called hypocrisy
RememberThe357  +   1896d ago
Not at all. If it doesn't violate any submission rules then it's clear for approval. Maybe they just wanted to keep the submissions rolling. The pending section tends to get filled up with a bunch of crap and people like myself just want to help clean it up a little.

That may be why some of them approved it; that's why I would have.

But I have always said that Vgchartz was a good indicator of sales performance. You can't take the numbers at face value but if you round them then they usually represent a rough estimate of sales.

For instance when I see "1.8 million sold" I see it as "close to 2 million sold." I don't take the numbers as fact but as a guide to how well the game did.
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gaffyh  +   1896d ago
@Rememberthe357 - Exactly. I don't know why you got so many disagrees when what you are saying is 100% true. I have approved many many stories that I haven't agreed with, because they follow the submission rules. As long as they follow the rules, and are not obvious flamebait sites, then I'm happy to approve (though I didn't approve this story)
n4gno   1896d ago | Trolling | show
zeeshan  +   1896d ago
The numbers must be higher than state on VGC. Anyway, I hope Sony also moved some PS3 units. I am sure they must have sold a good number of consoles in EUROPE and Japan thanks to GT5!
zag  +   1896d ago
I believe the GT brand is the highest selling brand out of them all.

this would be all wrong anyway as GT4 has sold over 40 million copies itself, that doesn't include GT 1 to 3 sales which are all very high selling games as well.

1.8 million would be far far too small a number for world wide sales.

last week a UK game store chain was bringing in all the warehouse staff just to process GT5 pre-order sales you don't do that if you've only sold a few copies.

I'd say it'd be between 5 and 10 million easy first week sales GT4 did that number quite easy.
Spider050  +   1896d ago
Vgchartz = 1.8 million(real world 2.5 million)

So it already sold more and faster than Mass Effect on X360 and PC

Sold more than Forza 3(1 month - 1 million, GT5 2 days- 2 million)
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Imalwaysright  +   1896d ago
And your point being? Either way both Mass Effect 2 an GT5 are great games that no one should miss.
RememberThe357  +   1896d ago
Mass Effect was an awesome game. It could have sold one copy and that wouldn't change a thing.
Narutone66  +   1896d ago
Oh, it's just to shut up the haters. Anyway, amazing number. I hope PS3 also sold very well.
cereal_killa  +   1896d ago
Narutone66 it doesn't shut anyone up thats the problem SALES is only one thing they will nit pick about the Muppet's on this site have been waiting for this game to drop and even before the release date it was claimed a failure these idiots on here have no life they make up multiple accounts and troll every thread on GT5 24/7 they google search GT5 every waking minute trying to find the next thread to insert into N4G so they can troll and troll and troll. And believe me don't get me wrong the Sony fanboys do the same thing its a revolving door and the only one you can blame for all this trash is the MODS they do nothing to stop this crap, this is what give this site it's hits just like any other site they need the trolls to keep this place going its the same reason they allow the useless and no named web sites like VGcharts, HHG, Destuctoid, IGN to name a few to be allowed to be accepted by the trolls to collect hits and this sort of thing will never stop.
JustSomeLog1c  +   1896d ago
So you've mentioned a multiplatform game, goodness knows why, but nothing about Xbox's flagship title. Or is GT no longer Playstation's flagship title? I thought it was going to blow past Halo far it's doing less than ODST
comp_ali  +   1896d ago
Even StarCraft II , PC exclusive sold more than it in the same time.
Primetimebt  +   1896d ago
Gran Turismo has always outsold any Halo title or any XBOX title where you been at? The "demo" sold over 5 million what other title do you know that can do that?
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Weaksauce1138  +   1896d ago
Halo 3 > every GT but 3 as far as sales are concerned. Sorry but facts are facts (if you actually checked)
Muffins1223  +   1896d ago
halo is the 2nd biggest entertainment launch of this year(call of duty was number 1 sold a few more million)
badz149  +   1896d ago
"Even StarCraft II , PC exclusive sold more than it in the same time."

you do know that there's millions more PCs available to play SCII on compared to total PS3 sold, right? you didn't bother with facts or you're here simply for trolling? I bet BOTH!
airforcex  +   1896d ago
What does this have to do with Forza or Mass Effect?
Doesn't it make more sense to compare it with PS3 games?
B-312  +   1895d ago
Oh yeah i forgot Spider050 the almighty sales guy.

Everyone don't trust VGChartz this guy is legit, he knows the real sales before anyone else.

You know, cause he is a fanboy.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1896d ago

Because it's a racing game dumb ass....and it was the battle for the "definitive" racer sim..try to use some knowledge.
T9X69  +   1896d ago
Sales don't = better game. If that was the case, Wii Sports would be considered the best next gen game.
Biggest  +   1896d ago
Sales are not a clear indicator of the best game. Is there a better racing simulator on consoles though? Feature for feature, pixel for pixel, replay for replay, physics calculation for physics calculation, game mode for game mode. . . Gran Turismo 5 is the best.
FFXI101  +   1896d ago
100% agree with you. Too bad T9X69 can't hear you, he's obviously a troll. He only hears what he wants to.
fr0sty  +   1896d ago
b-but... it's a 7/10! it has too much of that racing sim crap and not enough explosions and crashes and cop cars! it's graphics are terrible! look at that dog on the track, he's PS2 quality!
fr0sty  +   1896d ago
you know, that dog sitting next to the car with half a million polygons in it... yeah. that one.
hiredhelp  +   1896d ago

vgchartz-But i expect strong sales for Gt5 week 1 nevertheless

wow many of you cant read or pure dumb. it states in 2 days. not a week. wow lets all skip 5 days he he.

as it stads them sales are very good considering the amount of videos and people trying to knock this game. even now. GT fans will always be GT fans same as cod fans always be cod fans.

them numbers will go up thats if these numbers can be trusted.
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PostApocalyptic  +   1896d ago
If they report 1.8 MIL, the real number is a bit higher.
Sanii  +   1896d ago
Good numbers
#2 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Pedobear Rocks  +   1896d ago
Completely and totally fake numbers. Why is VG STILL getting approvals on here...

This is a huge game for SONY...can we not wait a week and get the REAL numbers from the source...

Also...Polyphony ALWAYS posts their quarterly cumulative sales numbers on their site for the world to see.
Muffins1223  +   1896d ago
Also good reviews*says it sarcastically* oh and it dident sale alot if you compare it to call of duty or halo
Halooooo   1896d ago | Spam
bmw69  +   1896d ago
darthdevidem01  +   1896d ago
Guys guys....GT4 "ONLY" did 3 Million in its Week 1

GT5 is predicted to do 2.5- 2.8 Million by them

Its in line with GT4...remember GT4 came out when PS2 was nearing its end...GT5 is coming out when PS3 is in the middle of its lifespan giving GT5 longer to sell!
jneul   1896d ago | Offensive
RememberThe357  +   1896d ago
I think GT4 actually under performed. I think GT5 is going to have some serious legs. GT5 has the ability to be patched which GT4 didn't have. Plus there are people like myself and my friends who have yet to pick the game up but will be picking it of in at least a week depending on how the funding works out.

I wouldn't worry about GT5 sales. Sony will make their money and PD will make their sequel.
#5.2 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rage_S90  +   1896d ago
aint it ironic that ps3 fanboys are playing sales and xbox are playing metacriric....anyway some1 better buy gt5 4 xmas or theirs going to be problems
#5.3 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
snake-OO  +   1896d ago
OMG!! Vgcharts
Can't we just wait for official numbers people rather than approving this sh1t
StrifeHawkins   1896d ago | Spam
TurismoGTR  +   1896d ago
Actually Gran Turismo 5 is selling like hot cakes! I went to black friday and they were sold out @ Walmart, Target, Kmart, Toys R Us, Best Buy and even Gamestop.. Plus PS3 were Sold Out, I just seen a bunch of Nintendo Wii's & DS FULL OF STOCK LMAO..

But expect 5-7 Million Units in week 1.
fucadastates  +   1896d ago
5-7 million in week 1?? thats not somthing i belive.
3million.. but 5-7 no.

but we will see :)
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1896d ago
Yeah I went to Target yesterday, and they didn't have any either
Aleister_Crowley  +   1896d ago
HAHAHAHAHA. Fanboyz ???? Please ???? I wanna see your hands in the air.
shysun   1896d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(4)
Lazy_Gamer  +   1896d ago
If VGcharts say 1.8m, it officially sold much more.
reckoner  +   1896d ago
Whenever they released Kinect numbers, you guys said it was inflated. You kept on saying they were completely BS numbers. But now of course it's okay to add more to the number.
karl  +   1896d ago
of course dude.. this is VGC

what are u thinking? that they will add more units here

and take them from kinect? wtf

its sold more than this.. u bet
B-312  +   1895d ago

Of course Xbox 360 stuff can't sell more than PS3 stuff because N4G the house of the PS3 fantard legion says so, now shut up.
beast242tru   1896d ago | Trolling | show
Kratos_1986   1896d ago | Spam
Nihilism  +   1896d ago

If I had a dollar for every time a PS3 gamer said "quality > sales" I would be a millionaire, and now in the face of flop reviews sales are of utmost importance.



What are you talking about hypocrite, I'm just going off what PS3 fangirls said about Fable 3 and ME2 etc, every time a review was under 9 they called it a flop, double standards much?

I think in an age where even the worst games can get 10/10 ( GTAIV ) that an 7 for a "AAA!!!!!!!!" game by a first party developer is a very bad sign indeed.
#14 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(42) | Report | Reply
moegooner88  +   1896d ago
86 at metacritic is a flop, lol try harder next time one bubble troll
TheLastGuardian  +   1896d ago
It has an 86 so far but that's the worst reviewed GT except for GT5 Prologue and GT PSP. Only 24 reviews on Metacritic so far. I'm sure there will be around 75 reviews eventually and then we'll see the real meta score.

N4G has 63 GT5 reviews and it also has a 8.6 also. I'm sure the reviews will be alot better from people who put alot of time into the game before reviewing it.
#14.1.1 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
sweetbabe  +   1896d ago
Keep telling that to yourself. In reality, it will only go down even more, just like ie Reach did. In the end it will likely be around 85-86.

And, well said, Nihilism.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1896d ago
"I'm just going off what PS3 fangirls said about Fable 3 and ME2 etc, every time a review was under 9 they called it a flop, double standards much?"

Some of you get so emotionally involved with this internet drama fanboy crap. You start babbling on about hypocrisy of some vague generalized group that you feel a competition with and somehow walk away feeling satisfied with your unwitty paranoia.

I know that you're upset that GT5 ended being both Quality and Quantity and I hope you eventually grow up.
sweetbabe  +   1896d ago
Nah, you miss the point. Not satisfied in the way you're implying, we're just making fun of the biggest fanboy site on the internet. I don't think a couple of comments a month on something as obvious as N4G crowd's (majority of users) bias makes us paranoid.

Some of us don't even play these pseudo sims, so we couldn't care less if millions of delusional kids who will never ever get a driver's license 're playing it. it's just for the lulz.
snp  +   1896d ago
Indeed Sweetbabe, you're not hardcore.

How's the new account, btw?

9th now i've noticed started in last two days for purposes of trolling GT5 threads. Don't you hate that you can't cover up those details while effecting 'cavalier cool, i'm just here by coincidence, don't really care much'?

Being observable really messes with the whole shtick, doesn't it?

(And before you say it - no i don't troll Xbox only threads. Completely stay out of them. Just observing someone engaging in, at best, sucked in behaviour feigning doing so while being above it all. Actions tend to be identity in life - if you're trolling GT5 threads, and inventing accounts to do so; you have a chip. End of story. No rhetorical positioning will change that.)


Anyways aside from that nonsense, again made up numbers from a silly site. 1.8 million in two days sounds terrific - though i wouldn't be surprised if it's understating it - but being it's VGChartz it's just a completely random guess. Pretty much worthless.
#14.1.5 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
sweetbabe  +   1895d ago
I have a driver's licence, no need to be hardcore.

Really? I never said I'm here by coincidence. It's the perfect time, yes. I'm here for the lulz. So nah again, think harder.

Stand strong, boys. Until reinforecements come.

Also, lolchartz numbers are usually overestimated. Just saying.
snp  +   1895d ago
VGchartz overestimating PS3 stuff? Please. There you're just entering silly...

Funny i've written two responses in this thread, both have gotten 3 disagrees precisely at precisely the same time long after the thread's gone to bed. (winks.)

Work those accounts sweetbabe! With enough effort alone you can become an army:)

And, quickly - the 'easy going hilarity' time (cough) for 'revenge on all the PS3 'meanies'' (the true bit) is running out!
#14.1.7 (Edited 1895d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
GTmonster  +   1896d ago
not true GT5 was always gonna sell well, and the game is awesome.

critics rated it down for delays, online and stuff but the core gameplay is amazing, its a racing fans game.

86 metacritic is more than 90% of pc games this gen and read the reviews what they say just dont go by numbers
#14.2 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
moegooner88  +   1896d ago
@Nihilism i have to agree with you about the GTAIV part, i quit halfway through the game, it got repetitive, and boring, it hardly deserves a 7, and yes nowadays double standards r ruling the videogaming industry, GT5 is the perfect proof.
nix  +   1896d ago
GTAIV IS THE WORST OVERRATED GAME. and i know that... it was so freaking boring.
PeeWizzle  +   1896d ago
GTAIV was awesome.
metsgaming  +   1896d ago
i was so disappointed about gta4 i got saints row 2, it was so much better. Now im looking forward to saints row 3 alot more than a new gta
GodHandDee  +   1896d ago
so ugh what's your point here? Quality is there and sales are/will be there for this game as well....

oh wait are you one of those omfgmetasaidwha ppl? Go read the content of the reviews to see the 'true' nature of the state of reviews nowadays

few things you will see

1. Almost no one has talked about the 3D capabilities OR Headtracking feature (both of which are great additions to the game)

2. Quite a few said, it's the 'best' sim you will find and yet score it low (well 80s are not low but yeah)

3. Constant bitching about 5years in development...I mean for crying out loud, they did make games in between as well! and why would this matter at all to a review? Such unprofessional BS is what plagues reviews/scores these days

4. oh yea many reviews mark it down for 'aiming' higher but not getting there 100%..I mean isn't this something that be commended and valued? Devs trying to do more and more with what they have. For example reviewers whine about performance when GT5 has more things going on on screen than any sim before that on consoles

5. Finally some compare GT5 to NFS etc. How this is stupid is not something I wanna take time to explain, should be obvious
coookiie   1896d ago | Spam
Zool 08  +   1896d ago
Oh dear the Sony hating rewiers who tried to trash this game must be pissed off.

#16 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Kratos_1986   1896d ago | Spam
Vargamax  +   1896d ago
Would sony update gt5 driver views their terrible what happened to being able to move your seat back for a more realistic view fm3 can do it come on 5years pls fix
Aleister_Crowley   1896d ago | Spam
Orange Juice  +   1896d ago
lol wow, if I was an xbox guy I would be so embarrassed by these ridiculous fanboys. I love the bitter feelings they get when a big game comes out, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

"GTFO 1 bubble noob. PS3 has no good exclusive games. and they sell like crap so go back into you hole. 360 pwns PSgay all day becasue it has live and PS3 doesnt"
"ps3 games dont sell for shit dont be a mindless psgay droid. Halo has sold more than multiple ps3 exlusive comines so shutup "

haha keep going, xbox guys.
#20 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
BARF  +   1896d ago
but your never embarrassed by the ps3 fanboys on this site???? for the past 4 or 5 months every article (regardless of console or game) has been trolled by ps3 fanboys telling us gt5 was the reincarnation of christ. its only natural to get it thrown back in your face.

we all know if the same thing happened with and xbox game, the response would be twice as outrageous. no xbox game on this site is worth of a good score apparently. any good score is payed for and any decent or bad score is justified, but when its the ps3 in question all we hear is spin, conspiracy, and damage control. the ps3 fanboys are just getting what they deserve.

i think its all stupid, but what goes around comes around for sure. it just bothers me that ps3 fanboys are acting like they havent been trolling every xbox article for the last year. its the fans fault for hyping up gt5 to levels it could never live up to.
#20.1 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
irepbtown  +   1896d ago
Reviewers have been hit hard in the face.

'No damage'
Heres a link for damage,

Reveiwers (E.G IGN) were only like level 10 when they reviewed the game, thats beginner level, you progress, Damage becomes more realistic, Ai becomes more difficult as you level up. Theres TONS of things to explore in GT5, impossible to give it a hardcore proper review yet.
Grenadan  +   1896d ago
they may be different genre but to be fair gran turismo and halo have been out longer and are more established than forza series

@StrifeHawkins gran turismo may sell more but forza is the one that won awards and has scroing over 90 on metacritic
#21 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Pedobear Rocks  +   1896d ago
Yes...GT5 will have no awards ever in its future because it didn't earn them after 2 days on sale. :/
irepbtown  +   1896d ago

Why are you sleeping? Reviwers failed.
One massive flaw was them saying 'No damage'
Hit in the face

Reveiwers (E.G IGN) were only like level 10 when they reviewed the game, thats beginner level, you progress, Damage becomes more realistic, Ai becomes more difficult as you level up. Theres TONS of things to explore in GT5, impossible to give it a hardcore proper review yet.
AwesomeJizz  +   1896d ago
So you say that Gran Turismo is an epic success because it sold lots of copies?
mcsm  +   1896d ago
nah i made my decision of it being a success by actually playing it, unlike many trolls on here who dont even have the game and complain about it.
xAlmostPro  +   1896d ago
or maybe because despite all the lame reviews and hate against it its already manged to sell way over 2million?.. sounds successful to me..

people are enjoying it, stop crying
Baka-akaB  +   1896d ago
i concur with a few others . For all the "GT failed" stuff you see in reviews , be it justified or not , it's refreshing to the see world go against it without a concern .

Sure some underserving games or as they say "overhyped" games get lots of sales , so it doesnt equate to quality ... but usually those always have raving critics and very positive reviews
Genecalypse  +   1896d ago
Goddamn cant have any articles on N4G that wont turn into trolls trolling trolls. On one side you have the attackers, rejoicing over GT "flopping", and the other side butthurt fanboys defending the honor and name of GT5 because it got 8/10s

Goddamnit people, stop allowing minuscule numbers dictate your enjoyment of things
#23 (Edited 1896d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
lelo2play  +   1896d ago
Very Good numbers. Not my type of game, but good numbers for GT5. Congrats.
madpuppy  +   1896d ago
10-4 man.

I feel the same way. people who love it, good for you. enjoy!
Garnett  +   1896d ago
VGChartz? Fuck that fake ass website, you guys want real GT5 numbers, One hundred billion and three quaters, and five returns.

Mine are as close as theirs are LOL.
Prcko   1896d ago | Trolling | show
Acquiescence  +   1896d ago
I hope GT5 makes a shitload of money for Sony...
Like a crazy amount that surpasses their expectations. This will lead to more exclusives and A-Grade exclusives are what make me want to keep gaming.
digimau  +   1896d ago
FM2= 3,3 Milion in 3,5 Years
GT5 Prologue= 3,9 Milion in 3 Years
FM3= 4,1 Milion in 13 Months
GT5= 1,8 Milion in 2 Days, prevision analist hit 3/4 Milion for end Year!
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   1896d ago
GT5P sold 5.03million
Projekt7tuning  +   1896d ago
3.5 million for Forza 3 is pretty good. Any other game would be considered a success selling that well. Forza 3 also is a game that I believe appeals more to people who really like to tune and setup cars. Sort of like a gear-head RPG. That number will also grow now with the new ultimate collection and the attention GT5 brings to gaming. Some 360 owners will see GT5 and realize they have an alternative in Forza 3 and buy it because of that.
I have one more license to go in GT5, I'll finish that today. I was hell bent on 100% golds but I'm starting to get too frustrated, and I actually race which makes it hurt that much more. So, I can deal with silvers for the super license. I'm getting restless with the test and want to go race more.
I have owned every system, every Gen. I love games. I still have them all hooked up in my game-room and play my TurboGrafx-16 and Dreamcast regularly. The reason I say that, I bought the PS3 60gig when it launched. Specifically for 2 games, FF13 and GT5. I had no idea it was going to take this long to get GT5. I think it has to sell well because I honestly believe a good portion of people who spent $600 to buy the PS3 new, Bought it for those 2 games. I felt burned when FF13 went multiplat and by the time GT5 actually came out, PS3's were going for $299. But as a true gamer I bucked up, pre-ordered GT5, and have been playing it since launch.
For the people who want to discredit Forza 2-3 it's because your blinded with the fanboy syndrome or you simply don't have a 360. It is a great franchise that owes it's roots to GT. It built on top of what was a great game that was GT, and added some features that I quite like. I believe GT5 is a better game because of the Forza series. It made PD really step up their game, as not to lose their crown. I could not believe they added nitrous to GT4. There is no class in hell in road racing, that allows for NO2. But hey, they tried something different. But that is a good example of how Forza which came out at about the same-time as GT4, brought it back to it's roots. A pure driving sim, with a focus on the beauty of automobiles. We are lucky to be able to have two great games to play, that will keep each other progressing. If GT5 is the only GT game coming to the PS3 as rumored, it would almost be unbelievable if it didn't sell 10 million plus by the end of the PS3's life.
airforcex  +   1896d ago
yes, Forza is a great game but so is GT5
I dream of the day when Xbox owners say:
"gt5 is a game I want to play because it's great!."
PS3 Owners:
"you know what, Forza got many awards, I think I'm going to check it out."

If you think Forza is crap you're wrong. If you think GT5 is crap you're wrong. I think history has shown both systems to be very capable of delivering great games.
Primetimebt  +   1895d ago
I brought my PS3 for the GT series ;)
Prcko  +   1896d ago
forza 3 sold 3,3mill not 4,1,gief me proof!
digimau  +   1896d ago
Sorry Prcko my Error value is inverted:

Forza 3 3,3
Forza 2 ca. 4,1
Masterchef2007  +   1896d ago
Even with the media attacking GT5 like crazy they will not stop it from selling well. This is going to be great news to PD. I hope they learned their lessons from GT5 and make GT6 a lot better than it
Eu  +   1896d ago
To achieve what the 'media' (or the amateuristic fanboys out there) thinks GT5 need to be better, GT6 would have to be NOT a GT series game.

OT: Will wait for the official numbers from PD and Sony, VGChartz numbers are always 'somewhat' to 'no way' off...
Masterchef2007  +   1896d ago
you didnt understand me. Like for example for the next game make all cars with the same detail level as the premium ones. Make it play at a rock solid 60FPS. those types of things. GT5 is a great game but there is room for improvement
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