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Woah. This is one of the biggest, most detail-rich tech analysis we've ever put together, but there's little doubt that developer Polyphony Digital is a studio that likes to dwell on the technical details, and to be frank, a release as highly anticipated as Gran Turismo 5 more than deserves the mileage.

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The Meerkat2767d ago

Watch the last video on page 5 and look at the shadows from 2:30.


Shadow Flare2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

If you actually played the game, you'd know how good gt5 looks. These websites are magnifying the little flaws so much. This may surprise you, but I don't think current gen consoles are capable of literally replicating real-life standard graphics. Surprisingly. Every game will have flaws. But overall GT5 blows the rest away

Shanks2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

"That said, achieving 4x MSAA with frame-rates and details as high as this is indeed a technical achievement unmatched by any of Polyphony's competitors (Forza 3 is 720p with 2x MSAA, for example), and there is a definite feeling that Kazunori Yamauchi's team likes to push boundaries like this."

"It's interesting to note that while the frame-rate of the 3D version takes a substantial hit, it still manages to look better than a great deal of the 30Hz racers out there."

Sounds like a technological masterpiece. just as planned.

DaTruth2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

So, all this bad shadow stuff is only on the rough track levels where the ground is uneven and the shadows would be rough in real life?

That is a question, as the example is on a rough track and the article states "dodgy shadows on some tracks"!

Edit: Also, in the area where they compare GT4 to GT5, they state there is less objects on the screen in GT5, but the treeline is clearly a lot denser in GT5 and the only missing element is one footbridge! Clearly, they are grasping at straws here to collect for their strawman argument!

Bereaver2766d ago

You know, people talk crap about how it's taken five years to develop and they left standard cars with an unfinished polish.

But people don't understand, that the cars weren't the hardest part to develop. They didn't spend five years doing that.

They spent five years getting everything on the screen at the same time with the lowest frame rate drop possible.

And what Shanks quoted says it all.

StanRaimondi2766d ago

remember when people played games just to enjoy them instead of playing them just to see what they can find that's so called wrong

DaTruth2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

"Loading the game this morning reveals another 133MB patch - 1.02 - so it will be interesting to see just how much has been fixed. But to put it another way, if it is indeed a matter of days to implement no-brainer features, what on earth has been happening at Polyphony Digital in the last two years since Prologue shipped, let alone the nigh-on six years since GT4 was first released?"

The damn game has been gold for months and they act like they finished it yesterday, printed it, and threw together the patch in mere hours! They could have been building these patches for months! Pretending you are a technical analyzer and overlooking little things like this is just stupid and unbelievable, it just appears as bias and nitpicking!

Disclaimer: I didn't buy GT5 because I don't generally like simulation racers, so I am not a defense force and I always read DF analysis and enjoy them very much, but it is easy to see the bias and nitpicking in some articles!

raztad2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

[email protected] Meerkat

Page 5? what happened with the other videos? heavily scrutinizing the videos looking for flaws, arent you?


GT5 is a fvking beast. 1280x720 30+fps (up to 60) on 3D!!!

K Yamauchi is an ambitious dude. Obviously he aimed very high with GT5 (both in term of content and technical achievement). He could have kept Prologue's 12 cars in a race in GT5, but instead he added 4 more. This by itself is a huge workout for the PS3 considering the 200+K polygons premium cars have.

I wonder if instead of 4xMSAA or Quincux (1280x1080) is possible to use MLAA for GT6. That would save a lot of RSX time useful for other tasks.

Incredible job overall.

The Wood2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

my KURO says thank you!


my girlfriend says fcuk you!

AndrewRyan2766d ago

Shadow Flare that is not the point. It is this websites job to show the people the flaws of games that seem perfect. I actually respect their work.

InTheKnow2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

In a game like this, FPS are a huge part of the performance. GT fails miserably in that regard. 18fps to 50fps and everything in between is a complete fail for a game that took 5+ years to make. It's like a pretty girl with a big wart on her can choose to ignore it but it's always there.

After 5+ years and all the various delays people deserve the best. Poly tried there best but the PS3 is just a disaster to work with...back to the drawing board.

Reading the PS3 camps spin on how bad this games " issues " are is comical. Sony and Poly KNOW the problems and even after 5+ years already have numerous patches planned after just a few days on the market...sad really.

raztad2766d ago

"18fps to 50fps and everything in between is a complete fail for a game that took 5+ years to make"

You fail to say that that 18fps happened ONLY in 3D and in a very rare case. Good try tho.

ComboBreaker2765d ago

"what a mess...
...a complete fail for a game that took 5+ years to make. It's like a pretty girl with a big wart on her can choose to ignore it but it's always there."

If GT5 is like a pretty girl with a big wart on her lip, then Forza 3 is like an ugly girl with a deform face and a missing boob.

All the Forza girl can do is try to point out the little pimple on GT5's forehead, but at the end of the dead, Forza is still an ugly girl and GT5 is still the hot girl.

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BrianG2767d ago

Read the whole analysis lol

They say the game is great technically and does things that were unheard of prior to GT5. Of course those aren't exact words ha.

Also the little things like shadows don't ruin a game, or else we wouldn't be playing any other racer, let alone many other genres that lack great shadows. I've played many racers with just blob shadows, at least I can see my side mirror in the GT5 one and the window outlines.

hakis862766d ago

Thank you DigitalFoundry, I always find it interesting to read their tech analysis.
Makes me feel bad about getting a 3DTV though: every game suffers so bad frame-rate wise in 3Dmode :(

Oh btw: Gran Turismo 5 is about to get hotter than Black Ops here on N4G.=)

popup2766d ago

Or meerkat, you could read the article and it's constant praise for what the game is managing. Taking a hit on shadows (an effect) for 16 car races (a feature) is why skilled Polyphony workers got the job and why others get so much time to troll.

fr0sty2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Summary of this article: "GT5 does some amazing things techically, and is the best racing sim out there, but our sponsor's game is really fast and has cop cars and crashes and shit! but GT5 is a good game"

Neckbear2766d ago

...Wich is why Eurogamer pointed out alot of flaws GT5 had, yet gave the game a 9 out of 10?

MNicholas2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )


50% higher rendering resolution than Forza 3.

In-game car models are twice as detailed as Forza 3.

Twice as many cars per race as Forza 3.

Better handling physics than Forza 3.

Real-time mesh deformation calculations unlike simple mesh and texture swapping of Forza 3.

True HDR, unlike Forza 3.

The full range of driver animations unlike Forza 3.

All at the same time.

Any one of the above would be an impressive and noticeable upgrade.

Given that both games are running on GPUs alleged to have somewhat similar peak ability, just one or two of the above at the same time would be impressive and noticeable upgrade. However, to have all of the above upgrades together is simply astonishing.

Let's not forget that Polyphony Digital has about half the development resources (140ish) compared to Turn10 (about 300) and that Turn10 has had an extra year of development experience on their console.

But there's more.

Dynamic light sources and real-time weather. That kicks the technical performance to another level all together.

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Neckbear2766d ago

Looking at those screenshots and videos, Gran Turismo 5 isn't really as pretty as I thought it would be.

Oh well.

Grenadan2766d ago

game is far from perfect

Shazz2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

who claims it to be perfect , i havent seen anyone saying its perfect .

@ anyone who disagrees with what i just said , care to grow a pair and tell me who actually says gt5 is perfect rather than just troll about a game you havent even played on a console you dont even own .

Bereaver2766d ago

No one needs to grow a pair on the internet.

fr0sty2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

ANY game is far from perfect. perfection is subjective.

DaTruth2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

People kill each other for any reason! Why would God be any different??? Do you have a problem with money, something infinitely more people kill for?

Seems stupid to blame God for killing, something he expressly forbade when he said "Thou shalt not kill!"

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@Nerds: It's not God's fault you can't get any pu$$y either, but I would be mad too! Seems mostly nerds have this problem with God!


god supposedly made us in his own image, so therefore, god is man.
lol religious arguments on N4G

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wazzim2766d ago

Remember that it's a game on 5 year old hardware, PD is a great studio but they can't do magic so they did as good as they could at the moment.

ct032766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

The comparison between the GT5 demo and the final build is particularly interesting.

It shows a considerable loss of texture definition in the final version.

P.S.: I think 720p mode may actually look better. QAA and horizontal rescaling tend to make things blurry. 720p with 4xMSAA sounds a lot better to me.

Bhai2766d ago

yeah and they also said the detail of cars increased significantly as well as how they put 16 cars on screen in the final game instead of 12 in the gt5p demo and still manage to pull off this level of detail both in 720p and 1080p is nothing less than staggering!

ct032766d ago

I merely pointed out a fact.
Not sure why you and all the disagreers are gettings so defensive right away.

baker_boi2766d ago

Yeah but "he" also made woman in "his" own image.

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And folks over in japan marrying Anime characters. Boy I tell ya...

pork_chop_express2766d ago

Anyone else notice apart from the odd "kinect advertisement" article the entire N4G is sony related :)

that is a sign of things to come.

Masamori Sumimura2766d ago

Till another overhyped game comes out and fluds the site with Reviews and opinion Pieces.

Parapraxis2766d ago Gears 3 right Masamori Sumimura !

No seriously, you are an epic fail troll, your comment history proves this thoroughly.

(BTW, I'm definitely looking forward to Gears 3, I was just making a point since this troll only owns a 360)

Bhai2766d ago

funny how halo reach or alan wake or even mass effect 2 couldn't make such a splash...
and btw, I totally found out just today... halo reach lost the halo 3's water effects, such a shame, and they said it was an improvement over halo 3... my artts...

kaveti66162766d ago


Halo Reach's water is superior to Halo 3's in every way and in every level and map, except for Forge World. In Forge World the water is slightly worse in the ocean areas because a larger amount is being rendered simultaneously with an extremely large map.

Darrius Cole2766d ago

I noticed that. For Pete's sake, there is a GT5 tab at the top of the N4G homepage. Not an article, but a tab, as though GT5 is its own platform.

Nitrowolf22766d ago

They do that for every big release
it happened for Black Ops, so expect one for gears,LBP, ect

ActionBastard2766d ago

Has anyone in here played it? It's like a hen house in here, just "cluck, cluck, cluck".

poindat2766d ago

Yeah, notice how none of the people who are tearing it apart have actually played the damn thing.

I've already sunk a good 25+ hours into the game, and in my honest view the game looks amazing and plays amazing. Period. The end. No question about it.

acedoh2766d ago

It's not just how the game looks. It's far from that. Even though it does look amazing. It's the feel of each and every car. How taking on challenges and feeling the weight of the car and how it responds to the road. Being able to listen to the car just hum is beautiful as it vibrates the room with bass of the engine. I tried the Nascar challenge it was so loud and the bass was so strong it got a little annoying. I have never felt so into a game as I do know. Get behind the wheel and I feel like I am actually on the track. This game is amazing. You need a 1080p t.v. with a decent sound system to really do it justice.

Masterchef20072766d ago

the game looks great. The premium cars are the best looking cars that i have seen in a game to date. The problem though is the standard cars but only a really small number of them look bad. The lotus premium vs standard is a great example on how most standard cars look

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