Kinect: Black Friday's must have gaming accessory

AOTF: What we found was not surprising. Near days end, 90% of the stores we contacted to purchase Microsoft's Kinect told us that they were sold out, and no time estimate was given as to when they would be restocked. Contrary to the Kinect, we also inquired about PlayStation's Move motion controller and an alarming 70% of retailers had the item in stock and ready to either order or pickup.

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kenlawson2674d ago

Couldn't find Kinect yesterday. I live in Kansas so maybe there arent that many of them here. I tried to order online couldnt find it. I went to Ebay and its like 200+ dollars. Sorry kiddos I think you are gonna have to get the Move. Kinect is sold out.

poe2674d ago

Move is for men and grown folks, Kinect is for women and children.

N4PS3G2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

says the Retro KID *facepalm*

R2D22674d ago

"Move is for Men and Grown folks" you must like going to sausage festivals.

paradigmfellow2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

do you realize that by saying things like that, it causes women to move away from gamming and make them feel uncomftorable? I think you need a gender sensitivity class.

Don't get me wrong I hate the Kinect, but there are better ways to put it down.

Lightsaber2673d ago

wal mart has them instock but is only putting out x number at a time so it looks like they have a shortage or at least the one by me. Have a friend that works there that told me that. Seems stupid to me cause they probably sold out on black friday no matter how many they had out

Parapraxis2673d ago

Why do you ask him that R2D2?
Are you hosting another one?

Anon19742673d ago

Exact opposite up in Canada, where I live. A quick check of the stock for Move controllors and Kinect units on the web from Bestbuy, Gamestop and Futureshop all show Move to be in short supply at some stores and sold out in most and Kinect available in every store, across the entire city. I live in Edmonton, AB. Check it out.

I'm not saying this article is wrong. I checked Gamestop's website in the US (doesn't let you check store stock) and BestBuy for Kansas, and although the visit to Gamestop didn't show anything, BestBuy certainly seems to be out of Kinect Units.

So it certainly seems like Kinect may be selling the US.

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paradigmfellow2673d ago

I don't know where they called, but when I did a product check no one in florida had a move.

paradigmfellow2673d ago

Why disagree? I work for gamestop

math2674d ago

Kinect is so lame. Everybody at my house likes it, except me, and it's mine. My sister love Dance Central, my mom loves the fitness, and my dad loves the Sports, and I hate them all because I can't ever play the damn Xbox anymore because they are always wanting to play stupid ass Kinect games. Hopefully they get tired of it soon.

LeeRoyJenkins2674d ago

Maybe you could "accidentially" break it. Oops.

Lightsaber2673d ago

Thats the 1st good reason I ever heard for someone hating a kinect

CompanionCube2674d ago

and not all men like Move so what's your point? Motion controlled games aren't for everyone.

Playerz82674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

How does this conclude that Kinect was a hot seller? I mean it probably was popular but retainers probably didn't have that many in stock to begin with. Plus, everybody probably walked into the stores looking for the 360 and then they saw Gran Turismo 5 was finally out and got a PS3. Lol, finally.

siyrobbo2673d ago

yes that would make sense, biggest shopping day of the year, why would microsoft want to make sure retailers had plenty of stock

Playerz82673d ago

Cause Microsoft is stupid, idk. If you've ever watch or read the news you would know that the console manufactures aren't exactly efficient at making and distributing consoles and accessories.

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