Sony: Why we turned down Kinect

Speaking to Eurogamer, Mikhailov details how Move came to be, discusses where it will go next, and explains why Sony turned down Kinect in 2002.

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stonecold32672d ago

sony had kinect like 8 years ago the eye toy peace out

sinncross2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Wait, so both Nintendo and Sony turned down Kinect???

Wow, that was either the best decisions they made or the worst.

As it stands, it seems like a good move. Until I can play Halo or Gears of War with Kinect and Kinect alone, I don't see myself shelling so much money on it.

Red_Orange_Juice2672d ago

I thought it'a a common knowledge that Kinect creators went to Nintendo and Sony and both comapnies said NO!

gaden_malak2672d ago

Apple also turned it down.

RememberThe3572672d ago

No lie I was just kickin it with a chick, drinking and all that, and she saw a commercial for Kinect and started talking about how she wanted it so bad. I may not like it but at least it's popular with their desired market.

ct032672d ago

I'm glad Kinect didn't end up with Sony. They probably would have locked down the system entirely, securing the USB against interfacing with anything other than the PS3.

We wouldn't be seeing all this app development and research without open source drivers.

Lightsaber2672d ago

cause ms had more money and got it 1st

Hideo_Kojima2672d ago

To sum it up;

Why did you not make a 3D camera like the Kinect for the PS3

Sony: Kinect is overpriced and its not worth it for what it offers

Inside_out2672d ago

Sony couldn't figure out how to make it work and now it's like..." oh that's how you do it "...O_o

Listen, M$ walked right in, bought a couple of companies and the rest is history. Sony keeps complaining but Kinect works great, is selling well and Sony is looking like fools for passing it up.

2011 will have a couple of interesting titles for the device and the Kinect story is just starting. No one ever said it was gonna bring the hardcore to the 360...the 360 already had the hardcore. It was designed to bring a more casual gamer to the 360 family. If and when the killer app makes it's appearance and the inevitable price drop happens, the thing will fly off the shelves...Maybe...O_o

It costs $56.00 to make Kinect...lots of room for price dropping.

DigitalRaptor2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

"No one ever said it was gonna bring the hardcore to the 360...the 360 already had the hardcore."

MS led people to believe that and Xbox 360 fans got hyped up for that reality. Don't pretend that you weren't one of those guys who got giddy over the thought of playing Halo with no controller.

And yes the 360 already had the hardcore,, but you don't just release a peripheral for a new consumer base and neglect your core fanbase who have been loyal for years.

What notable titles does Microsoft have for the hardcore beyond Gears of War 3 and that Kingdoms game that we know barely anything about?

Anon19742672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

cez of rage said " Sony is looking like fools for passing it up"

Yeah, while Move and Kinect are selling similarly, you can spend $150 on a Kinect while with move you can buy a $100 Move bundle, extra move controller, 2 more extra move controllers, 4 navigation units, gun attachments for the Move controller, charge stations for the move controllers, move sports pack addons for the kids. That's what, $400+ potential revenue for the family that wants to completely outfit their games room with Move for their family, plus software sales? And they have games for both casual and core gamers?

Yeah, Sony must be kicking themselves they passed on Kinect...

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r1sh122672d ago

@stonecold3, youve got it a little wrong.
Yes I agree that kinect is nothing amazing, but at that time 8 years ago how advanced was the software?
Maybe the PS3 was in full development but there is no way that software could have done the work.
Even Anton said that if they combined kinect with move it would be near perfect. The motion controllers released by sony and MS will not match sales by the wii. Sony also released move at the time that they did because the giro cost so much less, its an addition for the wii.
Im my opinion the Wii has the casuals motion market hands down.
Yea both sony and MS will make up some ground but they are too far behind.

rroded2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

yep nintendo rules the casual market still worldwide
n ya neither kinect or move will catch it but the camera only ms add on is going to flop epicly if only due to its limitations. While the move will keep attracting wii owners looking for the hd upgrade. Not to mention core users looking to enchance their favourite games like kz3 or lbp2. I think nintendo will keep loosing ground on the console front till they put out the wii hd. I dont think its going to happen till 2012 they seem more interested in selling the 3ds right now.

Armyntt2672d ago

Just because u keep saying that doesnt make it true, troll.

r1sh122672d ago

Where am I trolling?
Learn to read, all I said was kinect isnt amazing and that sony and MS are too far behind Nintendo.

Thats called a summary

Armyntt2671d ago

Wrong reply, i do apologize.

units2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

amazing how sony find manage all time to talk about kinect

sinncross2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Amazing how the Eurogamer author kept asking questions about Kinect....

That said, this Anton guy seems to know what he is talking about. Providing some interesting insight into 3D camera tech like Kinect.

n4gno2672d ago Show
pixelsword2672d ago


Better be glad someone is because no one else seems to be talking about kinect.

Strange_Evil2672d ago

Oh come on, give Greenburg the mic and see how much he trashes Move. At least this guy explains it in detail.

A Move+Kinect Hybrid with 60Hz sensor and High resolution camera would be the perfect tool to really bring motion controller to a new level.

Both companies went their way, but in terms of implementation, apart from a few exercise games and dance games, Kinect doesn't give enough variety.. Move can be adapted in virtually any shooter which IMO is a big + in the long run when the hype dies and the software does the talking.

a08andan2672d ago

What I like about Anton is that he is not trying to bash Kinect. He is just explaining the current limitations that the technology has. I think he is being very objective which is a bit of fresh air :)

R2D22672d ago

You fanboys are so one sided - you probably keep your Sony Bible under your pillow.

mantisimo2672d ago

@R2D2 Sony do a bible?

Where can I get one.

ct032672d ago

"Sony do a bible?"

Yes. It's called N4G.

pixelsword2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Microsoft also does a bible; it's called whichver website, blog, or developer cashes their checks.

You know them as IGN, yahoo, g4tv, gametrailers, Activision, MTV, Kotaku, and by many, many other different names.

The best part is it's already been proven.

B-3122671d ago


Can you link me to where it has been proven?

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BLAKHOODe2672d ago

listening to a Sony guy tell me about Kinect is like going to Burger King and asking what's on a Big Mac. sorry, but i'm not playing into it. it is what it is.

Oner2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

So you totally ignore information from someone who has technical degrees, inside knowledge & ACTUAL experience with the technology within Kinect? Wow...way to go an stick your head in the sand.

What he has said is factually relevant and extremely accurate as to the benefits/drawbacks to using that kind of hardware in both a software aspect and cost aspect in relation to what your end product ends up being capable of. And the truthful fact is it's limited.

You will not see ANY hardcore games using Kinect the way "certain types of gamers" envision it. It's absolutely not possible no matter how long you close your eyes while covering your ears screaming "LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLA I can't hear you".

The Wii & Move are infinitely more flexible and more suited to offer MORE capabilities/experiences. That is not to say that Kinect won't or can't be fun. But for TRUE gamers it's gimmick is 100% clear and is not good for the industry as a whole.

Parapraxis2672d ago

Very well said Oner.

BLAKHOODe, and others like him are completely nuts. Do they think MS or the companies that helped make Kinect are going to honest and up front about the limitations of Kinect?
Delusion at it's finest.

BTW MS is free to pick apart the PS Move technically and point out it's shortcomings, as a matter of fact I welcome it.

iceman062672d ago

@ Blakhoode...I guess you don't believe that companies do extensive research on the competition? In this particular case, the company that had the camera tech was shopping it around. Therefore several tech companies, including Nintendo and Sony, got a chance to do the R&D and see the potential for future use in home consoles. It is pretty COMMON practice in business. This guy just explained what he felt were the limits on the application of the hardware. Agree or disagree, these were the conclusions from his extensive research. the way BK knows FULLY well whats on the Big Mac...because they TRIED to top it with the Big K!!!

Nathaniel_Drake2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Uh this the co-creator of Move, you are going to get honest answers from him. Shutting your ears off just because he says Kinect just isn't a viable tech technology isn't going to make it right. Sony has already done the research for MS, but they didn't have any other option but to do this, otherwise they would have a bleak future.

MS is inpatient they need a fast seller now and add value to the devaluing 360. Bring in new consumers. Advertise the hell out of it. You better get a good response with all the money they are losing. Investors really want to do away with the gaming division, so Kinect is a life support mechanism so they will eat the cost.

Sony on the other hand are not desparate and the reason for not advertsing like MS.

Low exclusives really are hurting MS.

Masterchef20072672d ago

I read the whole thing. And i agree that Kinect is a bit ahead of its time. But hey Microsoft needed to release something this gen of consoles i mean they were not going to do it 2 years later. And i agree with the dev that a kinect move combo would be the best. But at the moment it is way to expensive to do that maybe with the PS4

Father Murder X2672d ago

Sure sign of a loser talking about why they didn't do something. Shouldn't he be talking up their stuff instead of talking about Kinect. More free Kinect advertising. I own MOVE and have since it came out but it is obvious that Kinect at least in the mind of the general public is on another level. Talking about what you coul dhave did but didn't is stupid. You chose MOVE so support that and shut the f#ck up. Trying to down play Kinect's success is stupid right now as it is one of the hottest items out there.

Octo12672d ago

You sir are an idiot. Never once in the entire article did he bash the kinect. All he said that there are going to be eventual limitations to just using the tech without some kind of a controller and so far most people in the gaming industry is coming to this conclusion as well.Loser talk? I did not know that Kinect won the motion control wars already?
As far as what I got from it, it was a very insightful and interesting interview from a guy that knows what he is talking about.Also it not like he said hey Eurogamer, I'd like to talk about Kinect. The interviewer clearly wanted to get Antons opinion on Kinect.

pixelsword2672d ago

A winner also talks about why they didn't do something.

The difference is in their results, murder x. You're acting like they had a problem in their decision or that they have regret; they turned it down, and had access to it before Microsoft did. Microsoft is getting sloppy seconds or thirds as Nintendo was the second one who view it and turned it down.

Think about it: it's like marrying your high school sweetheart right after like the most popular jock and the bully who made your life hell in high school had your way with her, still dripping from their filth.

That's what kinect is, and that's what XboX got.

Deal with it.

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