Move is precise enough – Sony

Eurogamer: Sony is able to improve the accuracy of motion-sensing controller Move through firmware updates to the PlayStation 3 – but it may decide not to.

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whateva2767d ago

I have Move & Kinect & once I seen how perfect the 1:1 tracking is in The Fight: Lights Out I knew kinect could not match this. maybe next gen Kinect but not this time around.

rroded2767d ago

ya the only way it could b improved is if they made it read your mind ;)

no doubt sony is saving that update for later XD

jneul2767d ago

i've said it before it will be extra features such as the virtual reality and object modelling and i can't wait for it

ActionBastard2767d ago

I absolutely love The Fight. Add me on PSN and let's do some MP.

Boody-Bandit2767d ago

I can't stop playing the game long enough to hook it up.
Has anyone tried the head tracking yet with the camera? If so how is it?

Okay my 3 minutes break from GT5 is over. See you guys on the race track.

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branchedout2767d ago

If costs were low enough (QA costs, that is. Firmware's practically free aside from a little more bandwidth), I don't see any reason why they shouldn't make it more accurate.

But, what Sony's saying is "Move is 1 to .99995, which is good enough."

But man, I'd sure love to see it more accurate.
Or moreso, see other companies get more accurate.
Gladiator Duel and Ping Pong is really good with accuracy though!