Front Mission 3 and Metal Slug X coming to U.S. Playstation Store

According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, Front Mission 3 and Metal Slug X will be re-released as PSOne Classics on the U.S. Playstation Store.

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VersusEM2767d ago

Metal Slug, ohh, sounds good

blumatt2767d ago

Yeah these PS1 Classics are all well and good and I've bought a few of them, BUT I wish they'd start releasing PS2 Classics like GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas as well as all the other great PS2 games on the PS Store for around maybe $20. I'd buy several of them.

mugoldeneagle032766d ago

It sounds GREAT.

If any of you haven't played Metal Slug, please do so. It's a great series. And I've been waiting for a non-PSP game to hit PSN since they started putting on classics.

One of my favorite arcade games ever

Baka-akaB2767d ago

Finally front mission 3 .. now all i need is Xenogears and Chrono Cross

Godmars2902767d ago

Its not the TPS Front mission, but the good old turn based ones.

ThanatosDMC2766d ago

Which is the best one! Finally, i'll be able to finish the game. My cd was scratched and couldnt get past a certain part of the game. Grenades > missiles

Blaster_Master2767d ago

They released Chrono Trigger along with FF4 on the PSX. I would take that over Chrono Cross, but Xenogears is a no brainer. I guess Squeenix just doesn't like money. Or they just cant stand the fact that the only real money they can make is from Squaresoft or Enix, not from themselves.

beast242tru2767d ago

metal slugs oh yesss front mission meahh p.o.s

2767d ago
Drithe2767d ago

Front Mission was a fantastic game. I would love to have Xenogears and VAGRANT STORY.

End of Line.

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