Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam - new video leak confirms 5 maps

Thanks to the recent Bad Company 2: Vietnam leaked Menu Video, it has been confirmed that 5 maps are included in the DLC instead of 4 that was declared by EA. The expansion is expected to release next month.

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Neo Nugget2644d ago

Not too shabby. Do we have a release date yet?

MGRogue20172644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )


Can't wait to grab 'em :)

(that's what she said)

soundslike2644d ago

if you are going to blog something like this, at least find someone who knows the language to translate it

"here's a post I stole from another website"

congratz, you just won web 2.0

xYLeinen2644d ago

The trophies for Vietnam indicates there is 4 maps. EA also said there is 4 maps.

Not sure but don't think we should take it as 5 maps even if the video says so.

GLoRyKnoT2644d ago

The trophies would be the proof/indicator 4me. yet what if they decided 2 add another 1 son :)

DoomeDx2644d ago

I knew they would use this song for the menu
dont ask me why.

VenomProject2644d ago

Nothing else would work imo.

Sam Fisher2644d ago

same here, this song fits vietnam so perfect

DoomeDx2644d ago

Btw there are 4 maps!
Just look closer, you can see the same map twice! Probally 2 diffrent version (Small & big? Night & day?)

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