List of Games to buy for Wii in this Christmas 2010

For those who haven´t decided what games to buy for this christmas 2010 for your Wii, here you can see a list of game that deserves your atention, the best of the Wii has to offer, hopefully you will enjoy each one of them.

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Cajun Chicken2764d ago

This list is awesome and contains every core Wii game that isn't sports or minigame.

lil boy blue2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

yah not much missing

but fanboys will still complain & start flaming this page

Shnazzyone2763d ago

Good year to own a wii i see. Core gamers rejoice with your wiis for the last time before you become obsessed with 3ds.

Venox20082763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

my taste is similar to that guy who compiled this :) I could add some too :)

Batallion wars 2
rabbids go home
kororinpa 1 & 2
Mercury meltdown revolution

..and more more more (too lazy to write) :)