Bad Company 2 Vietnam Leak: New Maps and all Weapons Unveiled?

There has been a leak on Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam dlc: What you see in the video below are the weapons, gadgets and maps. There are 5 or 6 maps?

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DoomeDx2705d ago

Oh wait let me guess!
The game has 8 maps! But only 4 of them are unlocked at the beginning!

They will release so called 'map packs' every month which will unlock the 2 maps and call them ''DLC''

soundslike2705d ago

lets see...

2 new maps and 2 old maps for 15 bucks activision style, or an official total conversion mod with 4 maps battlefield style...

hmm...tough call man.

I don't know why people complain about "only four maps" when they are battlefield maps. Laguna Presa is infinitely more re-playable then say....Jungle in black ops. I would go as far as to say that the replay of one good BF map = four COD maps.

DoomeDx2705d ago

Ofcourse. Battlefield >> CoD.

But still, so called 'free maps' which are already on the disc, is kind of lame!

I see im having a lot of disagrees, for telling the truth.
But just so you guys know, i dont hate Dice, i hate EA!
But the game is awesome

deafwing2705d ago

I think wesley-dw point is that fact that he has to pay for the update ... some of us have already shoved 14.99 into the wallets of EA/DICE ... but developers gotta eat and feed their kids to ... it would be nice[r] if EA/DICE just made this the last update and made all the maps activate (that 1.7GB update is suspect .. I'm guessing it' its the content/assets already your hd).

Nihilism2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

*Claps closed fists like a retarded Seal*

Yep this DLC, I mean expansion is going to really make BFBC2 something special...


The first part about me being a retarded seal was legit, the comment about this DLC/Expansion offering anything of value...was sarcastic

soundslike2705d ago

not sure if sarcastic or actually retarded seal

lugia 40002705d ago

Im going to buy it. For me, battlefield is a great FPS.

mrv3212705d ago

The more I play Bad Company 2 the more I wonder why Call Of Duty is still so popular.

The more I play Bad Company 2 with camping snipers, stupid tank drivers, and no objective playing noobs the more I'm glad that Call Of Duty is still so popular.

moodymofo2705d ago

the reason i stoped playin bc2 wasnt because the game sucked it was because the people did hardly anyone goes for the objectives and my only real complait with the game technicaly was the chat system i feel beter tactics could be created with a beter chat system ,i meen come on im in a tank with a guy who isnt in my squad and i cant tell him to stop for a second because i have a shot on someone atleast give us procimity chat

sak5002705d ago

Now they got the msg kindly release it for us genuine users.

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